WoW New to 90 Crash Course Videos

Over on Battle.net, Blizzard released a series of "crash course" videos for one spec out of each class.  The hunter video is for Survival, check it out below:

It's a fine introduction, but they could have done a lot more with two and a half minutes.  It could be that there plan is to do a class overview as well as the spec overviews, in which case they could cover this there, but it seems a bit odd that they barely mention that Hunters are a pet class.

They also phrase things fairly strangely.   The narrator says "if you find yourself full on focus" use arcane shot, and "[cast] cobra shot whenever you don't have enough focus to use any of your more powerful abilities."  I get that they're trying to simplify things, but why not go ahead and teach things right from the start?  It would have been just as fast and simple to say "If you find yourself getting close to full on focus with nothing else to spend it on, fire arcane shots" or "if you're not going to have enough focus to cast Explosive Shot or Black Arrow, cast cobra shot".   Anything to indicate that you don't just wait until you're out of focus, as that's one of the largest problems with many hunters' rotations.

Also,  you've got to mention growl.  Nothing will make people hate a hunter faster than them leaving auto-growl on, any crash course should mention "turn off growl for group content" or something to that extent.

I'm quite curious if they've given up on the idea of having a "starting zone" for freshly boosted 90s.  They had talked about doing something similar to the Death Knight starting zone, but for each class.  I don't think I've heard anything about it since BlizzCon, though.  Update: See Below.

Overall, however, this is a great idea.   Even the simplest of guides, most new players are not going to bother reading.  And I know I would have had a much easier time levelling, way back whenever, had I considered looking at a brief youtube guide.

Edit: Got a quick, brief response from Community Manager Lore on twitter.

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