Loque x2 and My Completed Collection

I decided that I was getting tired of the RNG dependency of Survival,  so I switched over to BM for this weekend's raid.  So last night, I decided I'd go take a look through Sholazar.  I really wasn't at all expecting to see Loque.  I mean,  after so many years of searching,  I just go through the motions really,  without much hope left.   But then, at the very first spawn point I checked, there he is.   That beautiful, beautiful snow leopard,  which finally completes my collection of Spirit Beasts.   

And that's not all,  just five minutes ago when I was taking these photos with my other Spirit Beasts,  I took one of my other hunters just on a whim,  and at the far north spawn point, a mere 24 hours hours after taming him on my main,  I find him on my alt. 

When I saw him on my alt, I actually felt a little bad.  Should any one hunter (even if on different hunters) have so much luck?   So I let everyone on my btag list know he was up, and offered to even CRZ anyone who wanted him, but I had no takers.  So here I am with loque on both hunters.  

It is a good time to be a hunter.

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