Quick little update with a Celestalon hunter-related tweet:

Sounds like they won't be changing the AoE mechanics for MM anytime soon.   Though I realize they haven't done any major DPS balancing for Warlords of Draenor, it is so far looking like MM will be the top DPS spec for hunters early in the xpac.   Currently MM can put up pretty decent numbers in single target encounters, but is relatively gimped when it comes to the AoE fights.  It'll be interesting to see how it does with AoE fights come WoD, or if we'll need to switch to SV or BM to be viable.

From what we know so far,  the Multi-shot will be getting a slight buff anyhow, especially for MM, as they make changes to how AP scales weapon damage modifiers.  It's hard to guess how they'll be compensating BM and MM for the loss of Serpent Sting damage, but it's fairly safe to assume they will be doing something, which may affect MM's AoE as well.  

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