TBT: Grandpappy Frostheim and the Mad Elf

Someone told me there was this new trend (it may not be new,  I tend to be late to the game on internet fads) of posting old pictures of yourself on facebook and tagging them TBT or Throwback Thursday.

To me, that sounds like a great excuse to feature some of the content that made me want to start blogging, or made me love the hunter class in general.  

To start it off easy this week, thrown from not that far back,  it's the WHU's tale of Grandpappy Frostheim and the Mad Elf.  Listen closely and you'll catch the voice of Michelle Morrow as the lady dwarf.

This was originally submitted to a Blizzcon contest,  drawing on videos of several of the amazing feets the WHU accomplished.   You can find Frostheim's post about it here

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