Interrupting Traps

It could be that this is a super common trick and I just managed to never hear about it, but I've been having a lot of fun in arenas recently, playing with using traps as a sort of mental interrupt on healers (and warlocks).  It tends to work pretty well, even with the travel time for trap launcher, you can get one off when they're trying for a big heal, and 90% of the time they move, interrupting their own cast.  

After noticing a couple times that this was working with freezing trap, I figured, why waste my freezing trap.  So I started trying with Snake Trap, and it worked just as well.   I'm not sure if the different color glow in the trap is just not known to most non-hunters, or if there's just not enough time to look, and they're moving as soon as the see the trap anyway.  Whatever the reason, it makes me a little giddy each time I manage to interrupt a cast with a snake trap.

For SV, that makes a total of 4 interupts with glyphed Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap, the Snake Trap trick and Counter Shot, all on 24 sec CDs.   For MM you  have slightly longer CDs but that glorious Silencing Shot more than makes up for it.   If you have all your traps off CD, and the other damage dealer on your team is ready to burst, you could easily keep a healer interupted for 6-10 seconds.

The Snake Trap fun ends soon, I'm afraid, as there's little chance of seeing snake trap in WoD, but for now it's a blast.


  1. Oh ffs, Dil. As if you guys weren't irritating enough to us in arena already :[

    1. Ha, I was even thinking of you priesties when I wrote this. Too bad we're losng snake trap, would have been even better when they put cast times on even more of the heals. :-P