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I'm levelling another hunter, in hopes of going through some of the quest hubs that I don't normally go through, see if there are any interesting stories I missed.  So where normally I would head over to Northrend the second I could, I found myself this time in the Netherstorm.   And I finally go to the quest: "In search of Farahlite".  I think I had repressed this so it was out of my mind,  but as soon as I got out there and started fighting the giant farahlite creatures, a flood of memories came back to me.

The very first time I levelled through outland, before I had any idea at all (yes, even less than I do now!) what I was doing, I found myself on this same quest, and I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to kill these guys.   I would send in my pet with growl on to make sure it had sufficient aggro (this is where I first learned to use misdirect), but would still get killed by the the little stone creatures it spawned.   I tried keeping up concussive shot and just kiting it away, but then I couldn't get away from the smaller adds that spawned.  Really, a lot of the reason it took me so long wasn't that I tried hundreds of time, but was that after each time I died, I would have to go back through my spellbook and read all the tooltips, hoping I'd find something that would help me kill these guys.

And you know, years later,  I can't remember if I ever finished it.   I suspect I may have given up after only getting one or two Farahlite ores.

This time around, with a decent amount of experience in the more extreme end of soloing, they were much much easier.  Knowing how to kite, of course, makes just about anything easy to kill; "if I can kite it, I can kill it", I often hear said, so I don't think I took a single hit of damage.  And of course having fairly overpowered heirloom gear helps a ton also,  when they die that fast,  it's hard for them to even make it the 40 yards over to start attacking me.

Off the top of my head (I should probably google it), I can't think of any quests like this in Pandaria.  It's really too bad.  I like a lot of the changes they've added to questing;  simple things like when a mob will place a circle or cone on the ground and if you stand in it, you'll die. Those are good changes to help make better players.   But it's these really challenging quests,  the Suggested (2) or more type quests, that really helped me learn to be a hunter.

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