Flamewalker's Battlegear

I haven't done much in the way of xmog articles,  but Darkbrew's article here got me thinking about what to wear to Draenor.  I thought perhaps a good "re-entering the dark portal" outfit might be the heroic flamewalker's battlegear set.

So I posed next to Garry to see if I could get a good feel for how it would be in WoD.  I like the shoulders a lot, but over all it's a bit to peach for Draenor, I think.  For some reason when I'd looked at it on moggit I had thought it was a darker red.   Perhaps it will look better with a dark tabard.

For bows I haven't decided between Themios the Darkbringer or Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth.

I imagine I'll keep my search going.  So far I like the Prideful/Grievous set the best,  but it's still nice to have finished this one.

Here's a brighter photo where you can see the color a bit more:

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