Possible new Spirit Beast or Challenge Tames

SpiritBinder over at Petopia created this potential in game image of the recently Datamined Wolf Pets.  These may be spirit beasts, or may be other challenge tames,  but they're in the new alpha build and are insanely awesome.

Not sure why, but wolves have always been a favorite of mine.  The Skoll looks a bit clunky, Karoma is one of my favorite spirit beasts.  And several of the normal, common wolves just look awesome.  Deathmaw is my pet of choice when playing SV or MM and my raid team doesn't need any buffs from me.   All that to say,  these two are going to be amazing.

These are the actual datamined pictures, which are a bit more saturated, so don't be surprised when they look very different in game:

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