BM Secondary Stat Weights with Ricket

Ricket's got a new video up talking about BM stat weights, and particularly the stat weights that SimC is reporting with the increased upgrades on heroic gear.  Check it out:

I do think she's undervaluing haste plateaus, for Stampede and for Dire Beast (which she didn't even mention); however, in practice I tend to agree with her analysis.  Especially if you're reforging for Haste>Mastery>Crit,  there's no point where you'll want to stop reforging to haste, since the pet attacks, meta gem, cloak procs etc will scale linearly.  As we get more logs with the new upgrades, I'll try to double check that this is playing as we're predicting.

I'm glad to see she's putting up these quick little videos, in between the large guides.   Great addition to the hunter community!

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