Checking in from Blizzcon

Hunting Party Podcast Crew does Blizzcon

Hey y'all.  Been partying hard here at Blizzcon, and I've really enjoyed seeing all the hunters come out. Mostly just wanted to post this picture here, of the some of the Hunting Party Podcast Crew at Con Before the Storm.  From left to right that's Darkbrew, RogerBrown and myself.  It was a lot of fun to talk in person about the podcast, coming up with some fun ideas for the future. 

So far, I've mostly just watched the WoW arena tournament; in fact, I'm watching Method EU vs Method NA as I type this.  The announcements at the opening ceremony didn't have much going on, it sounded like. I am excited about trying out Sombra in the Overwatch area, but she wasn't exactly a surprise to anyone. 

I briefly ran into Kripparian, who was one of the hunters (along with Frostheim) who really inspired me to start actually putting some work into playing my hunter, and really started me on the path toward theorycrafting, so that was a lot of fun.  I can't actually remember if I'd met him before at previous Blizzcons or not. 

Looking forward to getting into the new content (trials and all) when we get home, Tuesday. But, I'm having lots of fun not doing dailies until then.