Flag-carrying debuff

From CM Lore on the forums:

"We’ve recently identified an issue that was causing the Rated Battleground flag carrier debuff to function incorrectly. Under normal circumstances, non-tank flag carriers in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks should take 20% additional damage, and tank-specced flag carriers should take 50% additional damage. Currently, that debuff is only increasing damage to tank-specced players by 20%. We’re in the process of applying a hotfix that will, once again, cause tank-specced players to take 50% increased damage when carrying the flag. This hotfix will be applied as soon as possible, and will not require realm restarts to activate.
In addition, we’re working on expanding that functionality to orb carriers in Rated Temple of Kotmogu, and cart carriers in Rated Deepwind Gorge. In Temple of Kotmogu, we’ll be increasing the extra damage taken while carrying the orb to 50% if the player has chosen a tank specialization. In Deepwind Gorge, we’ll be applying the same debuff used in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks. Cart carriers who have chosen a DPS or healing specialization will take 20% increased damage, while cart carriers who have chosen a tank specialization will take 50% increased damage. These changes will not be applied until next week’s realm maintenance.
These mechanics and changes are exclusive to Rated Battlegrounds. They will not be applied to non-Rated BGs."

So glad to hear they're fixing this.  There are few things more frustrating than the last 20% of a tank's health when you're trying to get your flag back.  And I'm super glad to see anything that encourages more fighting and less turtling in any PvP situation.  To be honest, I didn't actually know that this mechanic was broken,  but it really explains a lot.  This should go a long way in making our kill shot actually act like an execute, too, if people still bring tanks into RBGs.  

Hopefully they'll add a mechanic like to the flag-carrier in Eye of the Storm as well, where a guardian druid can take the flag out of play for an entire game.  

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