Early Look at Battle for Azeroth: Pet Changes

The good folks over at Wowhead put together an excellent collection of all the datamined changes to Hunter Pets in BfAz. It represents a big change from the way pets have been done recently, and even a change in the direction that it had seemed Blizzard was taking them. Essentially, pets seem to be going back to having a defined roll, with each pet family being available with one of Tenacity, Cunning or Ferocity.  However, the specs don't really mean what they used to.

Pet Specs


Ferocity Pets give you and your pet 3% leech, and gives you access to the Primal Rage ability, which is a new name for Ancient Hysteria. As they currently exist, there's no real DPS benefit to taking Ferocity pets, however, as Spiked Collar has been added to all specs, which should mean that hunters won't need to exclusively bring Ferocity pets to raid, like in the days of yore.

Assuming the DPS to HP ratio sticks around somewhere around 1:5, as it currently is (remember, the relative amount of HP was roughly doubled in our last stat squish), then 3% Leech is a little more than half a percent of your total health each second, then even less than that for SV/BM hunters, as leach doesn't work as you'd expect it to with pet damage.


Cunning pets provide an 8% movement speed buff, as well as giving you access to the Master's Call ability, which has been exclusive to PvP all through Legion.  I love movement speed anywhere I can get it, though we're still yet to see if this will stack (there's no reason to believe it won't, from the information we have so far), assuming it doesn't, this may be a nice little boost for MM hunters who will be hardcasting Aimed Shots, and need to get where they're going quickly.  

Master's Call will be enough to keep this as the primary spec for PvP Hunters, as they tend to always need access to root breaks.  In PvE, as long as we have Post Haste, it's hard to imagine many situations where Master's Call will really come in handy (though back when it was available in PvE, I do recall a few raid bosses where I used it).


Tenacity pets give the pet and Hunter 10% increased max HP, and gives us a new ability, Survival of the Fittest, which is essentially the Druid ability Ironbark, but with half the duration and twice the CD. 

At the moment, I'm quite frustrated by how squishy Hunters are in the live version of the game (if you haven't recently, take a look at this, where both BM and MM make up the very bottom of the list, by a huge margin); so it could be that I'm just reacting to that, but I'm fairly excited by both of these abilities.  Of course, we don't know how damage will be balanced in the new expansion, but right now, I'm often dying to slight over-kills that I could have survived with 10% more health.  This won't give us crazy high HP like a warlock, and the SotF DR isn't enough to cheese mechanics, but still, I'd love to have these right now.

The Biggest Complaint

The biggest complaint I've heard so far in the various discord channels that discuss this sort of thing, is that Spirit Beasts are now Tenacity spec'ed.  To anyone who's raided as a Hunter at any other point in the game, the notion of raiding as anything other than Ferocity is nearly inconceivable, so it sounds like this change means that you'll no longer be able to raid with a Spirit Beast.  

It's hard to guess what direction Blizzard is going with the pet specs this early in the alpha, but I my prediction is Ferocity will not be mandatory for Raiding.  If it is indeed the plan to make Spiked Collar and Dash apply across all three specs, just like Combat Experience, then there won't be any DPS gain by going Ferocity.  You'll essentially be choosing your spec based on the buffs it gives to you, and/or your party (in the case of brez'ing or Primal Rage).  

That should mean that not only will your Spirit Beast still be allowed in raid, or anywhere else you want to use it, but it will likely (from what we can see so far), be the best option, with an extra Tranq Shot-like ability, it's usual heal, and the survivability abilities that all Tenacity pets are going to bring.  

The Real Issue

The real problem is, I think, that there isn't really any sort of benefit to going Ferocity.  I mean, ok, 3% leech isn't nothing, but it's not really great.  If you've got a healer with you, I'd take 10% more HP and a DR any day. There's really no identity for Ferocity with the new specs: Cunning is still the PvP spec, Tenacity is still the tankiest, and Ferocity is now... I don't know, really just "the one with Bloodlust".  

I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or not.  I'd like to see some sort of meaningful utility added to Ferocity pets, but maybe having higher DPS than the other specs isn't the right answer.  

While I can't say I disliked the convenience of being able to change any pet to any spec I wanted in Legion, it was still a bit of a mess.  We saw many pet families that didn't have any unique abilities after the Ability Prune, which remained a problem for waaaaaay too long.  And really it took away all of the RP aspect of pets.  While during raid, I am of course willing to play with an untextured cube if it does the most damage, I don't necessarily think that's what's best for the game.  A huge number of people play Hunter for the relationship they have with their pets. I'm not advocating that we go back to the days of Hunter pets acting like in game Tamagotchis,  but it doesn't really make sense that they're so well trained they can swap back and forth from their specs the way players can.  What I'm saying is, I like the idea of each class family being stuck with one specialization.  

However, once you give players a convenience like we've had with being able to swap specs, you can't just take it away.  So the only option left, is making the specs not affect your DPS out-put, which seems to be what they're trying to do.  

I find it hardest to decide between Arcturis and Loque'nahak

It's fully possible this will change in the next build, or that I've misunderstood the abilities from the datamining, in which case I'll have to eat my words here, but I think we're moving in the a decent direction. I, of course, fully support everyone making their opinions on this known in forums or wherever it is that people attempt to influence the devs, but at least as far as I can tell, they're not going to stop anyone from using Spirit Beasts.  

If all of that is past us, what I'm really curious about is how they're going to keep Lone Wolf Mark Hunters from having access to everything. Because we will be able to call pets, and just lose our Lone Wolf buff, in BfAz, there's nothing currently stopping us from keeping our pets stacked to give us access to whatever we need in just a couple seconds.  If all the Mages and Shamans die before Bloodlust, pull out a Ferocity pet.  If everyone who can battle-rez is dead, pull up a brez pet.  Perhaps it's enough of a handicap on having more options to lose a sixth of your damage and have to waste time summoning and dismissing a pet, but I'm kind of counting on someone much more creating than I to come up with some way to use this to cheese something. 

Early look at Battle for Azeroth - Survival

Gnome Survival Hunter

It seems we're about to get Blizzard's attempt at a melee/range hybrid spec, in the new Survival.  I don't know if anyone from Blizzard has actually confirmed that that's the goal, but it's what we've all been assuming, based on the abilities and primarily the new cool down.  I'm intrigued by the idea, so I thought I'd start my look at the new Battle for Azeroth Hunter specs with Survival.

My Best Guess at the Basics:

The spec is set up around a very, very simple set of core abilities.  Raptor Strike to spend focus, Kill Command to build focus, and a Serpent Sting DoT to keep running. Wildfire Bomb, for single target, at least, will be more of a filler piece, not doing enough damage to be high on the priority list, unless you don't have enough focus and need to fill a GCD.  

From there, it looks like there's several build options which I predict (with the limited info we have) will rely heavily on your choice of Level 90 Talents.  The Mongoose Bite build will adjust the core rotation to focus on building up as much focus as possible before starting into a Mongoose Fury buff, then dropping as many Mongoose Bites as possible, just like the old Mongoose Bite, but with focus to manage instead of charges. The Arctic Bola build will return to a feel similar to the MoP version of Hunter where each spec had a "signature" ability, and focus builders and spenders to use in between.  And finally, the Tip of the Spear option, which if it is viable, will change the rotation the least from the core.  

From other talents, we'll add in various abilities to gain more focus, or use more focus, or to fill in some extra GCDs with focus-free abilities.  You could set up your talents to focus on buffing Raptor Strike, or on buffing Kill Command, or just to add in other abilities on top of those two.  Without more information about how Attack Power levels will compare to Weapon Damage, there's no reliable way to show which of those will be preferable, yet.  

Core Abilities

  • Raptor Strike - Two-handed slash, and our core focus-spender. 
  • Wing Clip - Basically Concussive Shot for Melee.
  • Disengage - OMG OMG OMG OMG.  I couldn't be more happy to have this back as a core ability, allowing us to tack on Posthaste, too. Not having Disengage was my primary reason for not playing SV at the beginning of Legion.  Giving it back as a talent was better than nothing, but meant I would never use anything else on that tier, because I don't want to play anything that doesn't have disengage.  Good choice, Blizz. 
  • Kill Command - Same as for BM, though slightly less powerful, also has a 30% chance to not incur a CD, and generates 20 focus. The no-CD mechanic could be interesting, depending on your haste and talent choice. 40 yard range.
  • Wildfire Bomb - Channel your inner Cersei Lannister.  Moderate Damage over Time (a little less than serpent sting) but with some AoE. This is the only core AoE, so far. 40 yard range.
  • Survivalist - After killing something, regen 15% health over 10 seconds. Adds a tiny amount of Survival to the Survival Hunter. 
  • Freezing Trap - Same old Freezing Trap. 40 yard range.
  • Serpent Sting - Same DoT that you know and love.  Basically just gives you something to keep rolling, but isn't going to make anyone excited. 40 yard range.
  • Exhilaration - Same old Heal.
  • Harpoon - I still wish they'd add a silly, mortal combat style sound effect to this. 5-30 yard range.
  • Muzzle - Same old Melee Interrupt.
  • Tar Trap - More repeats. 40 yard range.
  • Aspect of the Hybrid Eagle - Increases your crit, and lets you cast Raptor Strike (or Mongoose Bite) from Range.  Certain top secret sources let me know that what will actually happen, is you'll use your two-handed weapon like a baseball bat and hit spectral eagles at your target. Get pumped.  
  • Misdirection - Why, oh why, did they ever take this away from SV?  Very glad to see it's back.  
  • Maces - if the tooltips are to be believed, SV Hunters will now be able to equip Maces.  Of course, Hunters have always been able to use Maces, it's just we use them to play fetch with our pets, not as weapons.  Nice to know they'll have a place on our backs, as well, in BfAz.

New Mastery - 

Spirit Bond - Focus Spending Abilities deal 8% more damage, and you and your pet regen 1% of max HP every 5 seconds. Assuming this isn't just a placeholder, a generic damage buff like this will likely serve us better than the fun, though somewhat convoluted chance-to-proc-a-charge mechanic we had in Legion. The heal likely won't be much, even at high mastery levels, but at least gives us something other than just the Survivalist ability to help us live up to our names.

A DR might be more useful, but then our Mastery would essentially just be Versatility, and a dodge mechanic might be more thematically appropriate, for an Agi based spec, but those are so random that it'd never actually be useful, so a small heal will have to be good enough, I suppose. If we can get it up to the 5-10% range it may be enough to really help with SV soloing endeavors, too. 

It's worth noting here that "focus Spending Abilities" isn't nearly as substantial as it is for Marksmanship Hunters.  Out of our core abilities, only Raptor Strike and Serpent Sting will benefit from Mastery.  For our pets, only the Bite/Claw/Smack ability will benefit.  Even once you add in the talents, most new abilities you can add to your rotation won't benefit from the mastery buff, with only aMoC and Butchery benefiting (as well as talents that buff Raptor Strike or Serpent Sting).

Removed Abilities

  • Flanking Strike - This will be sort of returned in the Talent of the same name, though not quite the power-house it is now. 
  • Mongoose Bite - Again, this can return in a talent, but a fairly watered down version of it: 20% buff per hit, rather than 50%, and no charge juggling/proc'ing mechanic. 
  • Carve - I'm not sure if I'm missing something. 
  • Lacerate - We've just got Serpent Sting now.

Talents: How much of Legion Survival can we fit into one talent tree?

Level 15 Talents:

  • Terms of Engagement - Reset the CD of Harpoon on Kill, and generate 40 focus over 10 seconds. This is oddly the talent I'm most excited to see. SV, as it stands, is a leveling/questing machine, just destroying everything in its path; however, it is a bit slow moving, even after getting Aspect of the Cheetah.  Having the Harpoon reset mechanic on the artifact weapon was great for doing Legion world content, and I've been waiting for some answer on how they'd incorporate that into the spec going forward. Getting it at Level 15 might be a mistake, however, since we don't actually get harpoon until level 26, but at this point getting it anywhere under level 100 will be a pleasant addition to the spec. Even if this is never good enough to use in raid (though it might be in some target swapping fight), I'm still super glad they added it on here. 
  • Flanking Strike - Flanking Strike returns, just kinda weaker.  This is a watered down version of Flanking Strike that adds essentially an auto-attack to the newly acquired Kill Command.  It also gives you 10 focus, which might make it a decent raid ability, especially with focus sucking talents like Mongoose Bite.

Level 30 Talents - The AoE Tier:

  • Guerrilla Tactics - Wildfire Bomb now has 2 charges. It's hard to guess at this one without really knowing how the rotation is going to work.  I'm guessing this may end up as a filler talent, or being only very situationally useful.  Adding a charge is best when we sometimes need to use it multiple times in a row, or if it has a random recharge mechanic (like BM's Dire Beast).  
  • Hydra's Bite - Serpent Sting hits up to 2 additional targets, and increases in damage by 30%.  I predict, unless the rest of other talents here change drastically, that this will be our top choice in most, if not all situations, AoE or not. I may be a bit biased, as I have fond memories of that brief period during WoD when SV was getting extra instant Serpent Sting damage from Multi-shot's / Arcane Shot's Multistrikes, so I like the idea of a Multi-shot Serpent Sting combo.  But this just seems like the obvious choice: if you're hitting three targets, then Hydra Bite is going to do more damage than any of your single target abilities just from the initial damage (that might not be true for raptor strike, as we don't yet have enough info on weapon damage scaling relative to AP scaling in the new xpac), and it doesn't have any of the cooldown restrictions that GT or Butchery have; add on top of that the rolling 30% buffed DoT that will help you out on both Priority Target damage and during add waves, and we've got a fairly solid talent, at least compared to the rest of the tier. 
  • Butchery - 3 charges, but now with an obscene 30 second recharge, and this time it's not replacing anything, just an extra ability.  It's a tried and true ability, and I really like the 3 charges for burst AoE damage without getting in the way of our single target damage the rest of the time, but at such a long recharge time, I don't see how this could really be useful on too many different fights.  Maybe if there were really sporadic add waves... 

Level 45 Talents - The "You can run or you can hide" Tier:

  • Trailblazer - Nothing new, maybe for dungeons or leveling, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Posthaste - Back with a vengeance?  I mean, it's really been around all legion, but I wasn't interested in Post-harpoon Posthaste. Bringing it back to Disengage is all I've really ever wanted. 
  • Camouflage - Hide and Heal. If disengage/post-haste isn't useful, this is a fine choice.  Also gives you some extra heal after you Feign Death so you don't have to run back after a wipe with the support classes.  

Level 60 Talents - The DoT Tier:

  • Bloodseeker - Adds a DoT to Kill Command, and provides an attack speed bonus. I have a feeling this will be one of those things where I spend forever trying to figure out how to optimize this talent to get crazy high attack speed, but then it never really makes my DPS go up... We'll see, though. 
  • Steel Trap - Decent single-target damage every 30 seconds. Unless it does significantly more damage than aMoC, taking twice as many GCDs and requiring aiming it on the ground will make it hard to choose this.  If it does significantly more damage, then we're good to go.  It's possible the utility here could make it useful, as  you'll have two immobilizing traps, but that will likely be rare in raids and such.  
  • A Murder of Crows - Same old Flock of Birds. 

Level 75 Talents - The Tier No One Bothers With Putting In Guides: 

... really, who cares?

Level 90 Talents - The Raptor Strike Tier: 

  • Tip of the Spear - Kill Command increases the damage of Raptor Strike by 15%, stacking up to thrice. If Raptor Strike's damage is high enough for 15-45% to matter, then this could be an OK single target talent, with high haste and decent luck on the no-cd for KC mechanic.  
  • Mongoose Bite -  Replaces Raptor Strike with Mongoose Bite.  Similar to its legion version, Mongoose Bite will add a stacking buff each time its applied giving you 20% more damage for 14 seconds, up to a 100% buff. Mongoose Bite starts out doing less than 80% as much damage as Raptor Strike, so this will require a complete reworking of the rotation, relying on getting to full stacks nearly every single time.  
  • Arctic Bola - Throw an Icy Bola at your enemy every 6 GCDs. This would kind of make the spec work a little bit like the MoP version of hunters, where every spec had a signature ability, and you just played with focus in between, and maybe kept some DoTs rolling.  It's not super exciting, but it might be interesting. Keep in mind it does frost damage, and won't be affected by armor, when comparing its damage to other talents/abilities.  

Level 100 Talents - The "Shouldn't it be 105?" Tier:

  • Birds of Prey - If you hit the same target as your pet with Raptor Strike, you gain an extra second of Aspect of the Eagle. 
  • Primal Instincts - Harpoon gives you a 15% crit buff for 12 seconds;  Disengage gives you a 15% haste buff for 12 seconds; no overlapping allowed.  I have no idea how to judge, at this point in development, whether or not this will be worth anything.  But I kind of like the ridiculousness of it.  I'm all for jumping back and forth with Disengage and Harpoon as often as possible, and the potential for stacking these buffs with other things (like AotE) might turn out to be decent.
  • Chakrams - I'm still annoyed that they gave my Glaive Toss to demon hunters.  So now we get them back, but they're called Chakrams.  For anyone who grew up in the '90s, I looked it up, and it turned out these are the little weapons that Xena Warrior Princess used.  

Overall Impression Of Survival in Battle for Azeroth

I'd like to say I'm cautiously optimistic.  It's kind of hard to imagine in a game with such rigidly defined rolls as WoW, that they're really going to create a viable melee/ranged hybrid class.  Though, a "melee class that can occasionally play at range" is much more believable, which seems to be what this is.  Several Melee specs have ranged abilities, so it's not too unreasonable the way SV is set up now, and the convert-everything-to-ranged CD, Aspect of the Eagle, is a fun bit of flavor.  

Some of the small flavor changes are kind of exciting to me too.  It looks like our core abilities will require 2 handed weapons, but extending that from one exclusive spear, to any polearm, ax, mace or staff will be fun.  Mostly just the Ax, really. It's not quite as cool as double-fisting axes like Rexxar, but still pretty cool.  

It is, of course, always hard to tell if I'm really excited about playing the class, or if I'm just having a "oh, something new and shiny" moment.  But so far I'm enjoying looking at the class. 

Stat Conversions & Ability Formulas

**Updated for patch 7.3.5 build 25875, I hope.**

Hunter Stat Conversions

Ratings at level 110 in Legion

1 Agility = 1 Attack Power
400 Crit Rating = 1% Chance to Critically Strike
375 Haste Rating = 1% Increased Haste
475 Versatility Rating =  1% Increased Damage
950 Versatility Rating = 1% Decreased Damage Taken

Weapon Damage Normalization:
BM and MM: WD + 2.8*AP/3.5 
SV: WD + 3.3*AP/3.5
Global Cooldown = 1.5 second (.75  second minimum cap)

Focus Regen
Base Regen = 10 focus per second
Focus Regen per Second with X% Haste = 10*(1+X/100)

Cast-times with Haste Effects
Cast-time with X% Haste = CT/(1+X/100)
Cast-time with Trueshot = CT/((1+X/100)*(1.4))
Cast-time with Ancient Hysteria = CT/((1+X/100)*(1.3))
Cast-time with TS & AH = CT/((1+X/100)*(1.4)*(1.3))

Mastery by Spec

MM - Sniper Training
Base Mastery = 20% increased damage of all focus-spending abilities. 
Base Mastery = 5% increased range.
160 Mastery Rating = +1% increased damage for focus-spending abilities.
640 Mastery Rating = +1% increased range.

SV - Hunting Companion
Base Mastery = 4% chance to grant an additional charge of Mongoose Bite.
800 Mastery Rating = +1% increased chance for charge of Mongoose Bite.

BM - Master of Beasts
Base Mastery = 18% increased pet damage.
177.77 Mastery Rating = +1% increased pet damage.

Hunter Pet Stat Conversions at level 110 in Legion

Pets Gain:
60% of hunter AP
70% of hunter Stamina
170% of hunter Armor
100% of hunter Haste + 10% Attack Speed
100% of hunter Crit + 10% Crit
0% of hunter increased Crit Damage
100% of hunter Versatility
125% of hunter focus regen
Hati Gains:
96% of hunter AP
70% of hunter Stamina
125% of hunter Armor
100% of hunter Haste
100% of hunter Crit
0% of hunter increased Crit Damage
100% of hunter Versatility
Dire Beasts Gain:
140% of hunter AP
20% of hunter Stamina
125% of hunter Armor
100% of hunter Haste
100% of hunter Crit
0% of hunter increased Crit Damage
100% of hunter Versatility

Hunter Ability Formulas


AbilityFormulaFocus CostADRMast
A Murder of Crows25.92*AP[16 hits over 15 sec]; 1.62*AP[/hit]30x
Aimed Shot4.25*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)50xx
Aimed Shot Windarrows1.08*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)n/ax
Aimed Shot (LotW).62*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5) [per hit]n/axx
Arcane Shot2*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)-5x
Barrage6.4*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5); .8*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)60xx
Black Arrow5.2*AP; 1.3*AP [per tick]10
Bursting Shot.4*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)10xx
Call of the Hunter3*APn/ax
Cyclonic Burst3*APn/ax
Explosive Shot10*AP20x
Marked Shot 0/35.5*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)25xx
Multi-Shot 0/31*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)-2 [/target]xx
Piercing Shot.155*[focus spent]*(WD+2.8/3.5)20:100xx
Sidewinders 0/35*AP-50
Volley1*AP [per hit]3xx
Wind Burst8*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)20xx

Unlisted MM Buffs:  12% to Aimed, Arcane, Barrage, Black Arrow, Bursting, Marked, Multi, aMoC, Piercing, Sidewinders, Volley, and Windburst.

Beast Mastery:

AbilityFormulaFoc. CostADRMastH. CD
A Murder of Crows25.92*AP [16 hits over 15 sec]; 1.62*AP 30xx
Barrage6.4*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5); .8*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)60x
Beast Cleave Pet Basic1*(Pet Basic Attack) [per target]n/ax
Beast Cleave Hati Basic.75*(Pet Basic Attack) [per target]n/ax
Beast Cleave Pet Melee1*(Melee Attack Pet) [per target]n/ax
Beast Cleave Hati Melee.75*(Melee Attack Pet) [per target]n/ax
Chimaera Shot7.2*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5) [per hit]-10x
Cobra Shot 0/35.4*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5)40x
Deathstrike Venom.5*5.32*APn/ax
Dire Beast Melee 0/12*1.4*AP/3.5n/axxx
Dire Frenzy1.4*(1.5*2*0.6*AP/3.5) [per hit]n/a
Kill Command Pet 0/32*1.8*1.5*AP30xxx
Kill Command Hati 0/31.8*1.15*APn/axxx
Multi-Shot 0/31*(WD+2.8*AP/3.5) [per hit]40x
Pet Basic Attack1.1*1.5*.333*AP (+-18%)25xx
Melee Attack Pet1.5*2*0.6*AP/3.5n/axxx
Melee Attack Hati2*1.15*AP/3.5n/axxx
Stampede31.05*AP; 1.725*AP [per hit]0xx
Thunderslash Pet.5*.6*APn/ax
Thunderslash Hati.5*AP
Thunderslash DF.5*.7*AP
Titan's Thunder Pet0.5*0.6*APn/ax
Titan's Thunder Hati0.5*1.6*0.6*AP0x
Titan's Thunder DB 0/10.5*1.4*AP0x
Titan's Thunder DF2*0.6*AP0x
Volley1.0*AP [per hit]3x\

Unlisted BM Buffs: 14.5% to Chimaera, Barrage, Stomp, Multi, Cobra, Stampede, Surge of the Stormgod, Volley, and a Murder of Crows.  14.5% to all pet damage.  50% to Volley. 100% to Barrage.


AbilityFormulaFocus CostADRH. CD
A Murder of Crows25.92*AP [16 hits over 15 sec]; 1.62*AP 30x
Melee Auto AttackWD+3.6*AP/3.50x/
Butchery 0/36.94*(WD+3.3*AP/3.5) [per hit]40xx
Caltrops.45*AP [per tick]0
Carve 0/33.24*(WD+3.3*AP/3.5)40xx
Dragonsfire Grenade4*AP [initial] + 8*1.63*AP [8 ticks]0
Echoes of Ohn'ara10*AP0
Explosive Trap 0/34.2*AP [initial] +10*.42*AP [10 ticks]0
Flanking Strike (hunter)1.5*3.9*(WD+3.3*AP/3.5)50xx
Flanking Strike (pet)4.2*AP50xx
Fury of the Eagle11.25*AP; 1.25*AP [per hit]0x
Lacerate 0/31.872*AP [initial] + 12*.804*AP [12 ticks]35x
Mongoose Bite 0/33*(WD+3.3*AP/3.5)0xx
Raptor Strike 0/33.6*(WD+3.3*AP/3.5)25x
Serpent Sting1.728*AP [per tick]n/a
Spitting Cobra1.4*APn/a
Steel Trap5*AP [initial] + 19*AP [19 ticks]0
Talon Slash.333*AP*1.1n/ax
Talon Strike2*APn/ax
Throwing Axes3.125*AP15xx

Unlisted SV Buffs: 12% to all pet and hunter damage.

  • In-game tooltips are not always changed when hotfixes are applied, so they will often show different amounts from what you'll do. Because websites like wowhead and wowdb use the in-game client information to build their sites, they will also often show outdated information. I'll be attempting to keep this list updated every time there is a hotfix, though if anyone sees one I missed, feel free to leave a note in the comments below, and I'll get them updated. 
  • "ADR" stands for Armor Damage Reduction, and as such, these abilities will have their damage reduced by the target's armor (.6802 modifier when calculating damage done by a level 110 player against a level 113 raid boss, see below for the Legion Armor Table). 
  • "H CD" stands for "Hasted Cooldown". Abilities checked in this column have lower CDs with higher haste values. Calculate the same as cast times; e.g. Kill Command has a base CD of 7.5 seconds, I have 20% haste, the CD of Kill Command will be 7.5/(1+.2) = 5.83 seconds. 
  • "Mast." stands for mastery. This column denotes which abilities are affected by the spec's mastery. 
  • For BM hunters, no abilities "double dip" in mastery.  Beast Cleave and Jaws of Thunder, for example, both benefit from mastery in that the original ability their damage is based off of benefits from mastery, but they do not get a second mastery bonus in addition. Similarly, these abilities cannot crit; if the original ability the damage is inherited from is a crit, then these abilities base their damage off the original crit damage, but do not "double dip". 
  • "WD" stands for Weapon Damage. Calculate using either the average from your weapon's tooltip, or use min. and max. in your calculations for the entire range (which is cumbersome, but helps avoid rounding errors when investigating hotfixes).
  • "AP" stands for attack power. All abilities (including pets) are shown based on the Hunter's Attack Power. 
  • For abilities affected by Artifact Traits, use the percent increase from the artifact as another coefficient. For example, if you have 4/4 ranks in the Pack Leader trait, your Kill Command has 20% increased damage. To calculate this, insert "*1.2" at the end of the formula.

Armor Table:

The Formula for calculating the damage reduction from armor is: 

DR% = K / (K+A) 

For Legion level creatures, the K and Armor values are:
Level Level Constant KOtherCreature ArmorMageCreature Armor

The significant numbers from that table for most raiders are a level 110 player hitting a level 113 raid boss. That is:

7390 / (7390 + 3474) = 0.680228

This gives us the physical damage reduction from armor, 68.02%.