If They Won't Let Us Tame Druids

Musel'ek and Claw, everyone's favorite tamed druid
Ever since I saw Musel'ek and Claw in the Underbog the first time I leveled through the Burning Crusade,  I've wanted to tame my own Druid.   Little did I know, at the time, that there was a movement of hunters across the world, petitioning, and begging even, blizzard to make this happen.

After many years,  it doesn't seem Blizzard is going to cave.  There have been several very reasonable ideas proposed; for example, it could be a glyph which will cause a druid in cat or bear form follow you as though they were your pet, and break on any movement from them.  This is no more intrusive to other players than a priest being able to make you confess  something, or randomly "life grip" you where ever they feel like it.   It would just be a cute little bit of fun that would appease millions of hunters.  

I've even gone as far as to level a druid-it's the only non-hunter alt that I regularly play-because I like my pets so much, I wanted to play as one.   

Still, it seems there's Blizzard isn't going to cave on this one.  So I'd like to propose a different idea.   That is,  cat form and bear form Druids and perhaps even Shamans in ghost wolf form when grouped with a hunter, should provide a buff for each other.   It could be a small increase,  maybe 2% increased attack power.  For Shamans it would provide a slight buff to their ghost wolf form, and encourage the hunter to use CDs when the shaman is in ghost wolf.   For Feral or Guardian Druids it would be a nice constant buff.  It could even be cast, perhaps similar to rogues tricking each other for the increased damage.

This just makes sense.  Hunters and Animals work well together, and hunters need some raid utility.   This would be a great way to make it happen.  And would encourage Hunters and Ferals to group together.  

Even if I can't tame my own Claw.

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