Hunters & Tools

These are some of my favorite blogs, channels and resources.

Get involved:

Trueshot Lodge - Hunter Forums
Hunter IRC - Channel - #Beastcleaves
Discord - Voice and Web Chat.
Warcraft Hunters Union  - Facebook Group


Warcraft Hunters Union: One day we'll revive the WHU...
SimC: Not so hunter specific, but still a good resource.
Petopia: Has all the information you need re: hunter companions.
Hunter Soloing: Guides to soloing previous (and some current) Raid Bosses.
Azortharion's Hunter Guide: The hunter guide for progression raiders. (more guides here)


The Hunting Party Podcast: Hunter Specific Podcast.
Durendil Le Hunt: Amazing hunter soloing.
Shottenheim: Amazing hunter soloing.
NCPRicket: Great explanations of top tier hunter performance.
Bellular Gaming:  General WoW videos, created by a hunter.
Signs of Kelani: General WoW and Hunter specific PvE content


Alternative Chat - Blogs about WoW in general, but mains a hunter.  Calls cookies biscuits.
Aspect of the Dragonhawk - Retired Raider and Guild Officer, still rep'ing hunters.
Aspect of the Hare - Supporting Elves with guns since 2007.
The Brewhall - Long time hunter, inspiration for the in game item Dark Brew Lager, and cohost of the hunting party podcast.
Esoth's Blog - seldom updated, often insightful, hunter from Something Wicked.
Eyes of the Beast - Long time Canadian hunter, author of Locked and Loaded on Blizzard Watch, formerly Scattered Shots on WoWInsider, and cohost of the Hunting Party Podcast.
The Grumpy Elf - Before I started Thrill of the Wild, I would make long, almost-bl0g-posts in replies to some of Grumpy's posts. Long time hunter. Check out: Playing "Good" DPS, and A Casual Misconception.
Hunter DPS - Long time hunter blogger, seldom updated these days.
Hunters Rhok - Phyllixia has been blogging about hunters since 2008. Possibly the longest running still active hunter site.
Jade Forest - Jademcian is one of the major contributors to the hunter module of SimCraft, and he's always way more up to date on info than I.
LolSurvival - Bond over your love of Survival, or mourn its death, I guess it's up to you.
Misdirections - Perhaps the most consistently updated hunter blog, despite the end-of-the-xpac content lull.

Cutting-edge Hunter Streams:

World's top Hunter Raiders:

Rogerbrown <Method - Twisting Nether (eu)>
Devai <Paragon - Lightning's Blade (eu)>
Cliperlol - <Midwinter - Sargeras>
Ricket - <Obscure Reference - Mal'Ganis>
Azortharion - <Danish Terrace - Sylvanas (eu)>

Multi-Glad Hunter PvPers:

Dillypoo - <Eat Sleep PvP - Sargeras>
Jellybeanz - <Do your Dance - Darkspear>
Jaydizzleqt - <Do my Dance - Darkspear>
Souken - <Solari Gaming - Aegwynn (eu)>

World First Hunter Soloers:

Shoot - <Nightmare Asylum - Mug'thol>

Introductions to Theorycrafting:

Theorycraft 101: The Statistics of WoW Spells (Hamlet)