Average Crits, and Bear Trap

We had another tweet from Celestalon clarifying bear trap:

Sounds like basically what we all thought it would be, same as the ability from Wrath.

I had my frist question from a reader!  Someone wrote in asking why their crits of any given shot or dot averages more than double the damage of hits.  

This is a fun statistical idea that you may have guessed eventually if you thought about it.   Remember how agility works? 1 Agility nets you 2 Attack Power and .476 Crit Rating.   So when your trinkets proc,  giving you some 20,000 extra agility, you're not only hitting harder from all of that Attack Power, you're also crit'ing more often.   When that averages out with the rest of your crits/hits, as this reader saw, it makes you average more than double the damage for your crits.  

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