PvP Gear in Warlords

Over at Battle.net there's a big long description of how PvP gear is going to work in Warlords of Draenor.   Most of this we already knew, but it's nice to have a comprehensive place to comb through it.  
The basic idea is,   PvP gear out in the world,  while doing PvE content, will be sort of like it is now, that is, significantly worse than raiding PvE gear.   However,  just like in Mists,  PvP gear of the same ilvl will be just as powerful as PvE gear.   The big shift is,  instead of extra stats to make the PvP gear more powerful against, well, other players,  PvP gear will magically increase in ilvl when fighting another player, whether in BGs, in arenas, or just out in the world.  

So if you have current conquest gear, while PvPing, it will scale up to the item level of the current Mythic raiding gear.   This is a little bit strange to me, because Mythic raiding should be fairly elite, while even really average PvPers, like myself, can be in full conquest gear really quick, but it does solve the problem of heroic raiders ganking PvPers. One other addendum is that most PvE gear will no longer scale down while in BGs or Arenas; with the exception of Mythic gear, which will scale down slightly.   

For those who are curious,  currently with all warforged heroic other than your 4-piece, plus your cloak,  you'll be at 580 ilvl,  which is 30 item levels higher than Conquest PvP gear.  That same 580 gear all scales down to 530 in BGs and Arenas, putting you 20 ilvls lower than the best PvP gear,  but in addition the PvP gear gets PvP power.   I am assuming what they're getting at is that PvP gear in arena/BGs will be similar to someone in current heroic gear fighting someone in current normal gear.   

I really think it will be interesting how this works out; it does seem a little silly that raid geared players have such a huge advantage in world PvP.   Gearing for PvP is generally pretty painless, and it sounds like there will be a lot more encouraged world PvP in Warlords, so I imagine we'll see a lot more raiders put in the time to get conquest gear before they get all of their mythic gear, regardless of server type.  

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