Full Prideful

I got my main hunter to full prideful this week.  Even got to spend my left over conquest on switching out a less-than-ideal piece I had gotten from the Celestials.   I'd still like to grab a third trinket next week, so I can switch to double dps trinkets with certain comps,  but still, I'm happy to have the set complete.

Now I just have to work on my terrible ratings.   We've been having lots of fun in our guild RBG team this season, but are still sitting below below 1700, because we only get through a few RBGs each week.  I've got a pretty good HPally I've been running 2s with this season, though I don't know how high of a rating we can get to where that comp will stay viable.   I've pugged some 3s and 5s,  but haven't really found anyone to do those with regularly.  Of course, if anyone who happens to read this needs someone...  ;-)

I've been playing primarily MM,  which is just tons of fun.  If I can get an Aimed Shot instant proc,  while my Silencing Shot and Chimera Shot are off (or close to off) CD, then I'm having a good ol' time.

I've also tried some SV for 5v5 and RBGs.  It's an interesting difference, where with MM I'll be generally at the top of KBs in RBGs, but pretty mediocre with total damage done; with SV, however, I'll only grab one or two KBs, but can tear up on total damage done.  It also requires a fairly different strategy: generally with MM I get left on my own a lot, where as with SV you always want to be where the largest group of people are to spread those dots around.   In 5s it works well, too, because you can generally DoT up everyone.   You generally want to scatter/freezing trap a healer when someone gets low enough to kill,  and having that force proc your LnL + 2 kill shots is pretty decent on demand burst (doesn't compare to MM, but not bad).

Overall I'm having a ton of fun PvPing this season.   Though I must admit, there's not a single night of arenas where I don't at some point say "I can't wait until the CC changes coming in Warlords".

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