Hunter Parkour: Galakras Waiting Area

For the eight or so months that Siege of Orgrimmar has been out,  I'm been attempting to make it on to the top of the banner pole just to the right as you're coming off the docks before Galakras.

I must have tried getting on there a few hundred times.  I thought it would be easier if I used a mount,  since I'd be facing forward,  but that never worked,  and I'd tried Disengaging, but it's just so hard to aim disengage well,  so I had never succeeded there either.  In fact, before tonight, I wasn't even convinced it was possible.  I thought maybe there was no defined platform at the top of the banner pole there.

But then, we had 3 people not show up for raid tonight.   I was really just mindlessly trying to get up there.  It hadn't occurred to me that I would ever actually make it on top, and then it happened.   There I was, standing atop the banner.

This might seem ridiculous, but you have no idea the effect of trying so many times, and always failing!  And then to finally get up there.  It was as though I'd just killed Heroic Garry for the first time after several hundred attempts.

Of course, now that I've figured out where to stand to disengage up there, it's incredibly easy.  Still, it was a great challenge until that point.  

Once I got up there, a couple of rogues decided to shadowstep up to me.  We then proceeded to get on our three-seater mounts, and people could jump at me then click a seat and it would pull them up into it.   With this method and a couple of priest life-grips, we got all 25 of us up on the top of that damn banner.

And that's how we spent the first half hour of our raid tonight!   Plenty of beer, and plenty of shenanigans makes waiting to pug a few people not so terribly bad.

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