TBT: Kripparian's Scumbag DPS

"When the raid leader says 'Stop DPS', what that means is, 'DPS.'"

I used to love watching Kripparrian's videos, back when he was making WoW hunter videos.  But this one, from was probably my favorite.   And you know, all the advice still applies!  What really made this one great is all of the people who took it seriously and got really upset about it.  Go check out some of the older youtube comments on it for a good time.

If you're interested in some of his other videos, he followed this up with a non-scumbag video of how to do top dps. I've got a couple listed in the Tools tab up above.  He's no longer playing WoW (though I'm hoping he'll come back for a while in WoD), but he does a lot of hearthstone videos these days, if that's your thing.

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