WoD: Black Arrow

Celestalon was on twitter today explaining how the new Black Arrow guaranteed LnL (which isn't called LnL anymore, but I don't know what else to call it) will work.  It is not the case, as many had suspected, that the last tick has a higher chance to proc LnL if no others did.  Instead,  when you first shoot Black Arrow, it will do the rolls for all of the ticks right then, and assign them to the ticks that won the rolls.  He didn't mention, but I would assume the 10sec ICD still applies.
This does mean that it'll be worth knowing what tick you're on,  because you'll even though there's not a greater chance of getting LnL on the last tick, you will know that if you haven't gotten it yet, you will get it.   There aren't a lot of cases where you could use that to your advantage, but maybe with your second potion, every once in a while it could line up where you can take advantage of that.  

This is also bad news for the PvP hunters who were hoping this would mean they'd get an automatic LnL if BA was dispelled. We can still pester the devs to try to get dispel protection, but it looks like this mechanic isn't going to address that problem.

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