Valorous Cryptstalker

In my continued quest for a great set of armor to wear when returning through the dark portal to new, old Draenor,  I thought I'd give the tier 7.5 Valorous Cryptstalker gear a shot.   I've actually been wearing this set on one of my alt hunters for a while now.   I like the dark tones and purple flames (or glowing whatever).   The set even looks good with the Garry BoA bow, I think.   And I think it works pretty well with Bloodtooth, who's currently my favorite turtle, since Terrorpene is so common these days.  I borrowed the Cloak of the Shadowed Sun for the set (soon we'll be able to xmog cloaks again!), along with the bow from Patchwerk.

All of these pieces are found in Nax 25.  I can't really recall off the top of my head, but I don't think there are any special tricks you need to know to solo any boss in there.  Just run in and pew pew hard.   It should only take a few runs at most to get every piece you need.   As a bonus, if you don't get enough from Nax,  the tier pieces have duplicates in Vault of Archavon.

Here's a link to the xmog set on Wowhead, if you're interested.

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