Shadowmoon Valley and the Return of Gul'dan

Blizzard released a blog post previewing Shadowmoon Valley over at Battle.net.  Even though the less civilized, tribal nature of the Tauren, Trolls and Orcs is what draws me to the Horde, the Draenei have been consistently my favorite Alliance Race.  It's good, then, to see some news realeased about their story, and it appears there's a bit more going on than we normally get from the Naru whisperers.

Meanwhile, trouble brews amongst the Exarchs, the most powerful and influential draenei heroes. Even as they debate the future of the draenei on their adopted homeworld, there is growing evidence of a traitor among their ranks. Who can be trusted?
The night elf Wardens sense a demonic presence in the northern woods of Shadowmoon Valley. As they hunt for the source of the fel energy, a sinister truth is revealed: Gul’dan, the Destroyer of Dreams, has returned.
Both Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria featured much more interesting Horde story-lines than Alliance. Hopefully this is just a small preview and there will be some major stories going on with the Draenei.

We should be seeing considerably more about Shadowmoon Valley this coming week, as they open up the Alliance side of the alpha soon™.

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