Perfecting 25H Malkorok: a Hunter Challenge

As we continue to scrape the alpha builds for little bits of news during this contentless stretch of MoP, I was asked to write a little guide on how hunters can best avoid the bubbles on Heroic Malkorok (which will be below); while doing so, I thought it might be fun to turn it into a fun hunter challenge for 25 player Heroic Malkorok, to see if we could squeeze a bit more fun out of this patch, seeing as we'll apparently be here for a while to come.  

The challenge is this: in a 25 player Heroic Malkorok kill, have the highest number of purple swirlies soaked, and absolutely no bubbles burst.   Bonus points will be given to hunters who, on the same kill, have a high ranking parse.  

A couple things to remember,  while a hunter should be able to accomplish these feats solo, support classes are there for a reason.  You might need to enlist the help of your guild-mates to ensure the fight doesn't end too quickly, etc. (on a side note, asking a support class to break the bubbles around you so that you don't, while technically not against the rules, is really lame).  To keep the logs clean, during blood rage, you'll want to ask someone else to clear the orbs; this shouldn't be much of a problem as there are many classes better suited to do this than hunters, anyway.  

Also, I have to apologize to the 10-player guilds out there.  Sorry, it may be challenging for different reasons (having to run to the other side of the room because that's where all of swirlies spawned), but the same feat in 10 player mode is just not comparable.

I've Been Blowing Bubbles:
I imagine there are many ways to avoid the bubbles; the simplest being to just slow down and go around them.  That, of course, is much easier said than done, so I thought it might be helpful to go through a little strategy to make it a bit easier.  

According to the dungeon journal, the orbs of corruption spawn randomly; however, that has not been my experience at all.   It seems that the majority of the time, the spawn under a player, in fact, it seems fairly rare that they spawn in the middle of nowhere (not rare enough that we haven't seen it happen, but still rare).   So what we want to do, is coax these bubbles into spawning where we want them to.

My preferred way to accomplish this, is to always stand along this imaginary red line I've drawn.   If the majority of the bubbles are along that line, and you're standing on it, then you always have plenty of room to go back to soak swirlies, or go forward and soak swirlies.  

This has a second added benefit, in that to avoid fall damage, when you get shot up into the air, we need somewhere safe to disengage to.   If the bubbles are spread around randomly, then it'll be a bit difficult to aim your disengage to a safe place.  If, on the other hand, you've lined up as many of the bubbles as possible onto the red line, then you can always disengage to the blue line (the perimeter of the room),  as you're falling.  

That should have you all set to get started on the challenge, and if not, at least it will keep your raid leader and healers from complaining that you're hitting too many bubbles!  

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