TBT: Why hunters are better than every other class

Warcraft hunters union, Scattered Shots, Frostheim's 50 reasons hunters are better than every other class.

A few years ago, as he was nervously watching the changes in the Cataclysm Alpha/Beta builds, Frostheim put out a comprehensive list of amazing hunter attributes, which are still very relevant today.  Some of my favorites include:
  • It's impossible to stay angry at a hunter. We have tranq shot.
  • Every weapon in the game was designed for hunters. Yes, even maces. We give them to our pets to play with.
  • Leveling for a hunter is a joyous expression of our ability to wreak death and devastation. We can run through a zone, tag everything in it, set our pets to tanking it while we grab more to finish off at our leisure. You could almost say hunters were built for leveling, if it weren't for the evident fact that we were so clearly built for doing everything else too.
  • Jump-Disengage. It's like Blink, only awesomely badass.
  • Hunters don't care about threat. In fact, why don't you have it instead?
  • Dinosaurs.
  • Studies have proven that hunters have a higher IQ than any other class. (source)
The original article is still up at WoW Insider, so be sure to check it out if you haven't recently.  Every time I start to get worried about the coming changes to hunters, or that blizzard may possibly ruin everything, I read through this article and the world no longer seems like such a harsh place.  

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