T17 Armor

When I first saw the still pictures of the tier 17 hunter gear, I was very unimpressed. However, I must admit that it looks a lot better with all of the animations going.   I still don't think the belt exactly fits, but at least the fire animations fits with the shoulder fire animations.

I've given up on hoping that Blizzard ever makes hunters look like hunters, since they don't think that would be epic enough.   I probably should have given up on that idea when I first leveled and got to 40, realizing I had to wear soldier gear (mail) instead of wilderness gear.   Anyhow, having given up on that makes it easier to like some of the tier sets. The current tier heroic and normal look cool if you leave off the helm (the helm is cool in it's own way, but too extreme for me).   I suppose if we ignore that a blacksmith and engineer would have had to make this tier 17 gear, it's pretty cool looking.   Especially the shoulders.

Also, I kind of really like the finger-less gloves, which really lend themselves to gripping a bow string or squeezing a trigger.   It would have been even cooler if it was only the right hand that was fingerless,  but I suppose not everyone abhors symmetry the way I do.

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