Guild Perks in Warlords of Draenor

This isn't exactly related to huntering, or at least not any more than it's related to any class, but I felt like talking about it anyhow.   On the WoD alpha/beta, players this weekend started to noticed that there were no guild levels listed.  Some guessed this was just a bug, but Watcher got on the forums last night to announce that Guild Perks and Guild Levelling is no more.

For the most part, I'm totally fine with this.   As easy as it is to level guilds, the level means very little.   And most of those perks should be baseline.   I recently started made a hunter on a totally new server; since I didn't know anyone there, it took me quite a while to find a guild I was comfortable joining.  I can't think of any reason why Blizzard would want to reward me for joining whatever random group spam invited me, but unless I do: I have to wait extra long to hearth; and I can't level as fast; I have to pay more for repairs; and I can't mass rez in dungeons, which as a hunter is a pretty big deal, since I can feign death.

Watcher talked about this as a way to combat those people who just levelled guilds and then sold them.  It's certainly isn't helpful to the game to have new players inundated with guild invites from people trying to take advantage of their levelling or cash flow.   So I totally agree that that should be discouraged.

However,  in addition to the two raiding guilds I'm in (on two different servers), I also have a bank guild, with a few friends.  When there are lulls in content, we've had lots of fun levelling it and going for various guild achievements.   We're currently level 25, and we've got 900 (out of a total possible 2XXX) guild achievement points, which isn't amazing or anything, but for a rarely played bank guild I feel pretty good about it.  And it's been something fun to do between tiers.   It's only real source of gold (other than my pockets) has been cash flow, which hasn't been a ton, I'm certainly not making money from having the guild (especially when you consider the cost of all them bank tabs),   but it has been a nice little bonus, to have a bit of gold to repair with when we've run some raids or dungeons.  

Watcher mentioned that they wanted to still have some means for guilds to make gold.  His example was possibly adding more BoEs to raids.  That's a fine idea and all,  but unless those items are Best in Slot, they're not going to sell for a ton of gold, as people generally out-gear them pretty quickly in a tier.   Before MoP, having the purple gems that only dropped from raids were a great way to get guilds some gold, because, unlike gear which will only be an upgrade once, and for one or two slots,  you needed new gems every time you got any new piece of gear.  

For d'enched crafting mats, MoP was pretty decent with the bloods from the first tier, and the Haunting Spirits from the second,  but the Spirit of Wars from SoO were a huge bust.  We've got a few hundred sitting in our guild bank, free for the taking and no one wants them.  even as early as the first month after SoO dropped they had gone from selling for a significant amount of gold, to selling for less than a hundred gold, on our server at least.  

I hope they find a way for non-raiding guilds to make a little cash too.   A big complaint by friends of mine who only PvP is that they have no way to really make any gold by playing.  Where as in PvE you at least make a little gold from killing and looting (even if it's just vendoring trash), in PvP you've still got some repair bills, but don't make any gold in arenas or BGs.   They've started to address this with the boxes you'll be getting from doing randoms,  but I somehow doubt that that's going to be enough to sustain a guild.  

Anyhow, I do look forward to seeing what they'll do.   When they announced no new levels in WoD, I was mildly disappointed, just because it would be something to do.  Getting rid of the system all together and having a new something to do sounds like it could be promising.   As with all of my posts about WoD, I'm afraid this is another we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  

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