Blizzcon 2014 Hunter Meet-up

ArtemisHowl of Blood Legion and TeamHunter is helping to organize a hunter meet-up at Blizzcon this coming November.  Currently, the times they're looking at are:

  • Wednesday Early Afternoon (Nov 5th)
  • Wednesday Evening (Nov 5th)
  • Thursday Evening After Badges (Nov 6th)
  • Friday Evening After the Convention (Nov 7th)
  • Sunday During the Day (Nov 9th)
Since most of you are on the WHU's facebook page, the easiest way to let your preference for time known is through a survey on that page.  You could also tweet @ArtemisHowl, or if you want, leave a comment or use the contact form here and I'll pass that on to the organizers.   

Artemis, if you're reading this, so long as there's plenty of beer and hunters, any time works for me.

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