WoD Beta Build: Number Tuning

There's a new beta build, as promised, that's taking a first try at numbers.  Let's get into it:

Frozen Ammo - Nerfed: slows enemies hit by your autoshot for 4 seconds, down from 8.  This isn't a huge problem, but takes away a chance to keep multiple targets slowed by target-swapping between autoshots.

Thrill of the Hunt - Nerfed: chance to proc is 20%, down from 30%.  TotH was a bit OP compared to the other talents in the tier, but I was of course, hoping they would buff the other talents instead of nerfing a great talent.  Hopefully the 10% proc chance loss doesn't end up changing the feel of the talent too much.


Cobra Shot - Buffed: 60% weapon damage, up from 42%.  Neat?  meh...

Beast Mastery:

Kill Command - Nerfed: Down from 328.9% of RAP to 278.4%. This is disappointing; first off, if BM needed nerfing, look toward Arcane Shot, not their signature ability.  Second, BM doesn't need nerfing. Yes, it was the highest DPSing hunter spec, but it was also completely lackluster compared to other classes, middle-of-the-road at best.


Black Arrow - Buffed: Up to 85% RAP from 28.32%.  This is an exciting one that Celestalon announced on twitter a few days ago.  I'm excited to see BA have more use than just to proc LnL.  Still hoping to see some sort of dispell protection, but this makes it a much more exciting ability in PvE, at least.

*Slight Update*

Explosive Shot - Buffed: Up to 143.7% of AP spread over 3 ticks, up from 120%. Slight buff to our signature shot, sounds good to me.  It's going to make Multi-strike even more important, but I'm ok with that.

Serpent Sting - Buffed: Up to 45% of RAP, from 30.14%.  This is another great buff, in my book, and will give SV a little boost in AoE as well.


Aimed Shot - Buffed: Up to 385% Weapon Damage, up from 306%.  Again, I'd rather see MM's signature shot buffed before it's focus dump.  But with that disclaimer, Aimed Shot does work a bit different that Arcane, so a little more umphf to it won't be a bad thing at all.  In addition, any buff to Aimed Shot will in turn be a buff to Careful Aim, since this buff will, of course, double on Rapid Fire and when our target is over 80%.

The TotH nerf hits Marksmanship harder than the other classes, since it has considerably less shots per minute than BM or SV.  After playing with it on the beta for a while, I can't imagine anyone going MM as it currently is, unless it's doing considerably more damage than the other two specs. I had a lot of hope for MM in WoD, and the beta has been fairly disappointing on that front, and has given no indication they're going to fix it.  Here's hoping, though.

That's about it so far.  They also made some great changes to spelling and grammar in the tooltips.  Though I doubt that's going to make much difference to game play.

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  1. I must say I am not all that thrilled with the changes. TotH was about the only thing hunters had going for them and that was nerfed. Leveling as Survival thorough beta on a character with all normal gear (next is leveling as BM with my heroic geared character) was extremely lackluster, boring, and even if I over geared the content it still felt like I could be doing more. The lack of burst was beyond disturbing and extremely noticeable facing rare mobs.

    I do not think hunters are in a good place right now. Can't say I have tested any other classes but over all I am just not feeling it. Still being a hunter is the best thing you could be, but I don't feel very comfortable with the changes. I think I adapted to focus better and easier than the changes we got this time around. I know, weird right?