WoD Beta: Inspecting your LnL use

I realize that I've probably had way too much info up about Lock and Load lately, but I wanted to take a second to post about a feature on warcraft logs that's going to be really helpful in evaluating survival play in Warlords of Draenor.

The picture above is a screen shot of it; to get to it, go to one of your parses on Warcraft Logs, and single yourself out, then go to the buffs section.  There should be a Lock and Load  line, which will show you the total number of Lock and Load buffs you received during the fight.  If you click on it, then select "stacked" you'll get a graph similar to what I have pictured here.   What it's telling you is when you received stacks of LnL, and when you used each stack.

So you can tell in this parse I never really saved any of them, but had I, you could zoom in and see how long you saved them for.  You can also, at a quick glance, see if you ever lost any stacks from saving too many (over 5).

We can also select multiple graphs (as shown above) to see how we used LnL procs when trinket procs were up, or when other events happened.  This creates a little graph I like to call "stacks on stacks on stacks".  Which, when you think about it, is really what huntering is all about...  ?

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