WoD Beta: Little More Tuning and The New TotH

Before I get into this, I had to head out of town unexpectedly, so I'm not going to be online a lot, and am going to be doing my spreadsheeting and writing from a laptop for a few days.  On that note, I didn't feel like retyping/linking the latest beta build hunter changes; so, if you haven't already, go read about them on Eyes of the Beast.

Now I can jump right into the good stuff:
I'm not yet sure how I feel about this.  On the one hand, when testing MM this morning and last night, occasionally there would be these super long streaks where I wouldn't get any TotH procs, for over a minute, at some points.  So it'll be nice to have a higher chance of them proc'ing when using Aimed Shot.  However, this will also mean you have a much lower chance of getting multiple procs in a row, since arcanes, multishots and aimed shots which are affected by TotH will therefor have a lower chance of procing it.

This does make it a fairly substantial nerf to TotH overall; since now our highest focus costing shot, Aimed Shot, is going to have the same percent chance to proc TotH as it does now on live, and everything else will have a smaller chance to proc TotH (other than Crows, which will give you a 36% chance to proc it once every 2 minutes, oh boy).  If you don't remember, the reason TotH became so popular in MoP was when they upped the focus cost of Arcane Shots, and then all the sudden you could proc TotH while TotH was already up, just spamming Arcane Shots.  This will be much, much rarer.

If they really think this is a good mechanic (which I think it could be) to give a little more protection from long dry spells, they could keep this in place, but either use a more reasonable multiplier, or put in a baseline proc chance, which it can't go lower then (15%?).

The other big nerf that I don't quite understand is serpent sting.  This doesn't hurt too much in single target, SV's AoE has been going downhill for about a year now, and this just stacks on the pain.  I have no idea why they thought it needed a 22% damage reduction.

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