Mo' Melee Mo' Problems

Last night in raid, there was a 566 ilvl fist weapon that no one rolled on, so I finally got to get started on my own Melee Hunter set.  I went out and bought a 550 PvP sword to go with it (I also got the dagger and the fist weapon from the pvp vendor, just because I have nothing to spend conq or justice points on), and decided I'd go try out the timeless isle, melee hunter style.

If anyone out there is interested in giving it a try, note that this is not actually a viable playstyle, and should only be done for awesome points.  With that said, in my current gear, I'd have no problem holding my own in any of the normal SoO fights.  Reforging and Gemming I did using default BM hunter weight; Haste>Mastery>Crit.   I didn't actually have to ever choose between reforging to haste or mastery, so really I went with Haste=Mastery>Crit.

I tried out both Dire Beast and Fervor, but from the very limitted, completely anecdotal testing I did, I liked DB more.  Fervor was mostly wasted Focus, except for pet abilities while over 50 Focus, also DB is just cooler.

On the training dummies I was able to burst around 500k, and balanced out between 175k and 225k dps.  Out on the TI, with those crazy buffs, I could do 250k - 350k DPS, depending on how long the mob lived.  I did try some of the harder mobs, including everything up on the Ordos hill top.  Mostly you're just sitting around a lot, waiting for KC, GT or traps to come off CD, so there's plenty of time to get out of the way from any ground effects.

I also tried to take down Archiereus.  He got me a couple times; though mostly just because I wasn't paying enough attention and would get caught by that fire cone ground effect.  I got him down on the third try, which wasn't really satisfying, since he's (at least at my ilvl), pretty easy in normal hunter gear.

It was fun enough, going through the motions as melee, though I imagine it would get old fairly quickly, since you have so few abilities to use.   I may still go try some random BGs as a melee hunter,  or possibly pug into a normal mode raid, but I doubt I'll be trying to do any heroics this way, at least not any time soon.

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