Thrill of the Spreadsheet: Top Parse Opening Shots

In the wake of Ricket's BM opener's video, I wanted to take a minute to talk about opening shots.   I went over some of the pros and cons of a couple different opening shots a couple months ago (here and here), but I thought it might be worth going through some of the top parses and looking at how the best hunters in the world are opening.

Editor's Note: these were collected several weeks ago, and the top parses will surely have changed by the date this is published.   It's also important to note that some top parses were skipped, possibly because they were kills that were so fast the opener was irrelevant, but most likely because they were in a language I couldn't read.

Opening Shots for 25H Iron Juggs
Hunter DPS (e) Opening Shot
Shoultz 543781 Serpent Sting
Pîwïe 540443 Serpent Sting
Ambrosiä 537396 Serpent Sting
Sterag 536341 Glaive Toss
Azortharion 534445 Serpent Sting
Danwo 532709 Serpent Sting
Xehnz 523675 Serpent Sting
Elky 522801 Serpent Sting
Bärtigefrau 519451 Serpent Sting
Hávi 516873 BW/Kill Command

Opening Shots for 25H Malky Malk
Hunter DPS (e) Opening Shot
Megabloks 579077 Serpent Sting
Jostin 552616 Serpent Sting
Pîwïe 550857 Serpent Sting
Icefiyre 543418 Dire Beast
Azortharion 543392 Serpent Sting

Opening Shots for 25H Thok

Hunter DPS (e) Opening Shot
Megabloks 573486 Serpent Sting
Azortharion 541774 Serpent Sting
Ambrosiä 535764 Glaive Toss
Acynnie 529105 Glaive Toss
Valtari 525628 Glaive Toss

In the end, I don't think there's really that much we can learn from here.   It really boils down to what Ricket put so well, that the exact opening sequence isn't nearly as important as lining up CDs with trinket procs.  And really, with the state of hunters right now, neither of those things are as important as RNG, which will make tens of thousands of difference in DPS for a opener executed exactly the same, one pull to the next.  

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