WoD: Technical Updates

Over on the WoD Theorycrafting Forums, developer Celestalon got into a few of the mechanical changes for hunters:

Trap Arming Time
As most people have heard, in WoD, traps will be instantly armed, as soon as the hit the ground.   A common problem that hunters have had with traps, however, is targets moving above a certain speed would not trigger traps, which means certain classes could easily run directly over armed traps without setting them off at all.   With the loss of Scatter Shot and hence the loss of the scatter-trap technique, this would make trapping nearly impossible against particular classes, even with the absence of an arming time.

Celestalon explained that hunter traps (and only hunter traps) had been using a very archaic (13 year old) system to trigger.  For those interested, the issue was the trap's mechanic only checked to see if anyone was inside the trigger radius every so often; if a class could get through the trap area in less time than the trigger check, then that class can pass through unharmed.   With WoD, this has been updated to use a responsive hit detection the way other AoE abilities work, like Void Zones.

Base Agi
Hunter's base agility will look like the following from 90-100, with the stat squish:

Level Hunter
90 250
91 343
92 405
93 474
94 555
95 652
96 767
97 797
98 828
99 859
100 889

In addition, the following races will have the following changes to base Agility:

Race         Agi
Human 0
Dwarf -4
Night elf 4
Orc -3
Tauren -4
Undead -2
Troll 2
Blood elf 2
Draenei -3
Goblin 2
Worgen 2
Pandaren -2

Hunters will have a base Crit of 20% (with no gear equipped, you'll still have a 20% crit chance). In the current build, base mastery will be:  SV 8%, BM 16% and MM 4%.  All other secondary and tertiary stats (Haste, Multistrike, Versatility, Bonus Armor, Avoidance, Leech and Speed) will have a base of 0%.

While these numbers seem to be at least fairly close to where they want them,  the secondary stats are still being changed fairly dramatically.   In the next build they plan on changing Haste to 100 rating per percent increase.  No specifics on what other secondaries will look like (other than how they currently are set up on the Beta).  

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