Heading to Blizzcon - 2015 edition

I'm getting ready to head to blizzcon, with a brief stop in San Francisco to visit friends on the way. This blog will therefor be fairly unattended until after the con.

If you happen to also be heading to blizzcon, I'd love to meet people and hang out. Look for a ridiculously large guy wearing a WHU shirt with "Delirium" on the back; feel free to come up and say hi. If you're interested, you'll most likely find me:

Delirium's Blizzcon Schedule
2pm - 5pm "Thanksgiving Dinner" with Praetorian Guard of Draenor
6pm - 9pm WoWhead party (in the Hilton)
9pm - 10pm Hunting Party Podcast booth at Con Before the Storm (Hilton)
10pm - 11pm Con Before the Storm Party (Hilton)
11pm - 2am Hilton Lobby Bar
9am (maybe) Hanging out near the fountain
11am-12 Opening Ceremony (Main Stage)
12:30-2pm Legion Overview (Main Stage)
5pm Overwatch Overview (Main Stage)
12 - 4pm Intermittent Hearthstone and WoW Arenas tournements
4pm - 6pm Early Dinner/Late lunch?  Beers Beers Beers?
6pm - 8pm Art and Costume Contests with Wil Wheaton (Main Stage)
9pm - 1am HUNTER PARTY!!!!!  (Hilton)
1am - 2am probably ihop… :-P
10am - 11am Hearthstone (Main Stage) or sleeping in (see hunter party)
11:30 - 12:30 The World of Overwatch (Main Stage)
10am - 1:30 Intermittent Hearthstone Tournement
1pm - 3:30 Legion Systems & WoW Q&A (Main Stage)
3:30 - 5pm WoW Arena Grand Final
6pm Maybe watch part of the closing Ceremony?
6pm - ?? Hilton bar?  Somewhere else?  

One thing I love about Blizzcon is that it's a party for nerds; however, I realize that that can mean a lot of us are fairly socially awkward, or at least shy.  If you're nervous about coming to any of the parties, that maybe you won't know anyone or have anyone to talk to, send me a message using the contact form (in the right column on this site), and I'll be happy to introduce you to every hunter I know. Even things like waiting in line to get into the parties, or going to the panels or tournaments during the day can be a lot more fun if you have someone to talk to. At the very least, we can be socially awkward together!

Did I mention recently how awesome our blizzcon house is?  Here are some pictures, just in case:
Blizzcon Schedule and House

Blizzcon House

Blizzcon Bedroom

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