Parting Blizzcon, 2015

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After the abundant consumption of libations, getting to meet and reunite with some of my favorite hunters in the world, and less sleep in a week than I normally get in a night, Blizzcon has come to its end, once again. 

Hunter News

Any of you who follow me on twitter may have seen me going a bit overboard yesterday morning.  I had gotten up early so I could beat the crowds to the legion test computers.  Thanks to an idea from my podcast cohost, Dark Brew (who I was fortunate enough to meet in real life for the first time this weekend!),  instead of testing the new Demon Hunter class, I rolled a new hunter and rushed to get him to level 10 (with hopes of seeing some of these new specs).  It turned out my effort was in vain, as they locked the talents and specs anyway, but we still got some peaks into some of the changes coming to BM and Marks, which we've heard much less about than SV. Little did I know, they were planning on releasing the Hunter preview blog today. 

Check out Darkbrew's and Bendak's post if you want more info, or of course, you can get a more in general look at the new hunter on the latest class preview blog on the battle.net site.  I don't want this post to get into all of that, as I'm about to get on a plane and don't have the emotional energy to talk about how much I like and dislike things.  I'll try to cover everything over the next week or so, though.  


I was fortunate enough to be able to meet a lot of great hunters at Blizzcon.  So I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you who stopped me at the con to say hi, and especially any of you who came to the Warcraft Hunters Union gathering. I can't really express what it means to me, but I will say that I'm well aware that the type of statistics/maths I do here doesn't exactly appeal to everyone, so when I can connect with people who appreciate it, it's all the more special. The support was amazing, and really gave me a lot more confidence and inspiration to keep this site going through another beta and expansion.  

I can't name all the amazing people I was able to meet this weekend, but I wanted to give a couple of thanks. To RogerBrown and Devai, of Method and Paragon, respectively, for continuing to represent the hunter class at the highest of levels, and giving me something to aspire to. I generally think of myself as someone who can keep his cool, but last year, when I met RogerBrown and he told me he'd read some of my stuff, I lost it a bit.  Everyone who works on the WHU and HPP is amazing; having y'all around to bounce ideas off of, and to set up things like the hunter party makes this community what it is.  Michele Morrow, who I was able to meet in person for the first time this year, thanks for giving a glowing review of the WHU on the live stream, and for representing hunters so well to the community.  A lot of you were incredibly supportive, but a special thanks to Thuggz and Illmar! And finally, thanks to Leorina for putting up with me all weekend, and everyone else who made me feel welcome, got drinks with me (last year Shoot introduced me to the AMF, so this year, I passed it on by getting Dillypoo his first) or just hung out while watching the panels or tournaments.  

I love you all!

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