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I haven't had much of any excuse to talk about any numbers lately, so I thought I'd take a moment to go over something that a friend of mine recently mentioned not being able to find on the internets: pet scaling.  Apparently there are a couple of incredibly out-dated articles on wowpedia and wowwiki, which are still being cited in several places, so I thought it would be worth going over how pet stats are actually working right now (I realize this may become outdated itself fairly soon, or at least as soon once the legion pre-patch comes out; hopefully I'll remember to update it).

Hunter Pets & Crit

Pets inherit 100% of their hunter's crit chance, plus 10% crit chance when spec'ed into Ferocity, from the passive ability Spiked Collar.  That is to say, if your hunter has 43% crit chance, your pet's abilities should, on average, crit 53% of the time. 

It's probably worth noting that this only applies to crit chance, not crit damage.  For MM hunters (who happen to not be using Lone Wolf), the increased Crit Damage from your mastery will not be inherited by your pet.

For BM hunters, there's a hidden value in crit, from the ability which was formerly called Go for the Throat (now it's lumped in with Invigoration), where if your hunter's Auto Shot crits, your pet will gain 15 focus.  This is made more valuable because of the ability Wild Hunt (which is not in your spellbook anymore, but is now a hidden ability called "basic attack focus modifier"; I'll continue to use the old name for it).  Wild Hunt causes your pet's Claw, Smack or Bite ability to do double the damage and cost double the focus when your pet is over 50 focus.  This will of course happen more often with higher crit ratings.  This mechanic is not significant enough to 'cause any changes in our stat priorities, that is to say, the vast majority of the value of crit is still coming from abilities critting, not from proc'ing more wild hunts; however, it's still worth being aware of.  

Hunter Pets & Haste

Pets inherit 100% of their hunter's haste.  In addition, again from the Spiked Collar ability when spec'ed Ferocity, hunter pets gain 10% Attack Speed.  The primary effect that haste has on pets is increasing the rate of their auto-attacks. 

Haste also increases the focus regen rate of pets at a rate of 0.00055555 focus per second per point of haste (with a base regen of 5 focus per second).  That is to say, at 10% haste your pet will regen focus at a rate of 5.5 focus per second, or at 20% haste 6 focus per second, etc.  

Though it is a very small effect, for the sake of thoroughness, because haste also increases the hunter's Auto Shot speed, it will give BM hunters more chances to proc the Go for the Throat part of Invigoration, giving your pet, again, more chances to use Wild Hunt.  This has a very, very small effect on your DPS, and shouldn't really be taken into consideration when deciding what stats to use, it's just worth knowing about because it exists.  

Hunter Pets & Multistrike

Pets inherit  100% of their hunter's chance to proc multistrikes. If a hunter has x% multistrike, each of the pet's abilities will have two x% chances to multistrike for 30% damage.  

There are no special mechanics for pets and multistrikes.  As this is a new stat which essentially does the exact same thing as crit (at least from a mathematical standpoint) I don't expect to see Multistrike exist as a stat once Warlords of Draenor is over.  

Hunter Pets & Versatility

Pets inherit 100% of their hunter's versatility.  That is to say, if a hunter has 10% Versatility, pet's will do 10% increased damage, and take 5% reduced damage.  There are no special mechanics for pets and Versatility.

I've heard people claim that their pets did not receive the damage reduction portion of versatility.  I've tried many different ways, and in all the tests I've made the pets inherited both the damage done increase and the damage taken decrease.  That doesn't mean it isn't a bug that's only happening in particular places, but I have not seen any evidence of Versatility not being inherited correctly by pets.

Hunter Pets & Attack Power / Damage

Pets inherit 60% of their hunter's AP.  

Pet Weapon Damage is normalized at 2 seconds, with AP adding to WD at a rate of 1 WD per 3.5 AP. To determine pet Weapon Damage (which is used in basic attacks like claw, smack or bite, as well as pet auto-attacks), you can use "2*AP/3.5".  

Pets also receive a couple of damage modifiers from talents or abilities.  Spiked Color increases the damage of basic attacks by 10% and Combat Experience increases all of your pet's abilities' damage by 50%.  

Hunter Pets & Armor

Pets inherit 170% of their hunter's armor. In the character pane in game, if you hover over your hunter's Armor rating (under defense) it will say that it increases your pet's armor by 70% of the armor rating shown; however, if you switch to the pet tab, it will show it more simply, as 170% of whatever your hunter's armor rating is.  

Armor works the same way for pets as it does for hunters, reducing physical damage taken using the formula x/(x+3609.9) (where x equals your armor rating) to get a percent damage reduction.  For example, if  your hunter has 1765 armor, then your pet will have 3000 armor, giving it 45.39% physical damage reduction.  So if an attack were incoming that would have done 10,000 damage, it will instead do 6878 damage; that is, 10,000/(1+.4539).

Hunter Pets & Stamina

Pets inherit 70% of their hunter's Stamina when spec'ed into Ferocity or Cunning (without the BM talent adaptation).  From said stamina, they gain Health at the same rate as hunters, 60 health per Stamina. So if, for example, a hunter has 7000 Stamina, the hunter will have 420,000 health, while their pet will have 294,000 health.  

Pets spec'ed into Tenacity, or BM pets using the Adaptation talent will have the passive ability Great Stamina, which will give the pet 60% more health.  

More Info

For more information on how hunters are affected by various stats, or how our abilities work mathematically, check out the Stat Conversions and Abilities page.

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