PvP Huntering on the Hunting Party Podcast

We had 3k rated hunter Dillypoo on the hunting party podcast yesterday, and I still can't really believe how well it went.  This was the first "guest" we've had since I the show re-vamp a couple months ago.  I was a little bit nervous, not knowing Dillypoo before hand, but he was incredibly knowledgeable and had well thought-out, really intelligent answers.

I finished the last PvP season with only a 1920 rating as my highest, which really, as a fairly casual pvper, seems decent enough, but talking with Dillypoo got me really excited to push a bit harder in arenas.  The last couple seasons, I've really only used arenas to cap, and then once I get all of my PvP gear, just focusing on rated battlegrounds.  And I guess I can just hope there will be some decent hunter comps out there for 3s.

One of my favorite conversations we had yesterday was about the transition from PvP to PvE, and vice versa.  In one of my hunters' mythic team, another hunter was a pure PvPer up until, I think, ToT, or at least up until this expansion.  Watching him in raid is a great lesson in raid awareness, and avoiding avoidable damage, so I'm a big proponent of PvPing to learn how to PvE better.

Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoys the podcast.

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