Lots o' Ricket Videos

I don't know if I just haven't been paying attention to youtube recently, or if she just released a bunch of videos at the same time, but Ricket's got some new videos up on her youtube channel, going over a lot of the changes for WoD.  If you don't feel like reading about them, these are great explanations:

6.0 Hunter Guide

Server Responsiveness

BoA Weapon Scaling

Hunter Perks in Warlords of Draenor

Make sure you check out her channel, if you haven't recently.  There are tons of other new videos, all to help you optimize your experience in Warlords of Draenor.


  1. In her guide she says to take steady focus, however over on the whu it says to take thrill of the hunt, which is correct? Or is it a case similer to glavies/barrage, in that you take barrage now but once lv100 and can get lone wolf you go glaives due to the damage aimed shot does under lone wolf.

    1. All of the WHU spec guides are focused on level 100 hunters, in tier 17 gier (between 660-690). SO I imagine that's what is making the difference. I haven't tested level 90 at all really, but it we should be able to tell pretty quickly which one nets more focus/aimed shots.

      Without testing at all, logically it makes sense to me that Steady Focus will be best toward the end of an expansion, since it works multiplicatively with focus regen. Where as TotH should be close to the same throughout the xpac (except that we'll be using more focus-costing shots total toward the end of the xpac, but that shouldn't make a huge difference).

      The only reason I would question her talent choice for SoO is that TotH provides a greater burst, assuming you only use Rapid Fire when TotH has three stacks. SF might provide more focus over the entire course of the fight, but that doesn't give as much burst ability.

      Again, though, I haven't actually tested it in SoO. She's also using different stat priorities than the WHU is posting (they were done by a guy named Azortharian on the WHU). I don't know who will end up being correct.