Updating Hunters and Tools page

Foxxy over at the Warcraft Hunter's Union recently showed me a couple of Hunter youtubers that I was completely unaware of, including Signs of Kelani, whose video on maximizing MM Hunter DPS in Nighthold is above.

It occurred to me that I haven't really kept up very well with the broader hunter community in Legion. Some of that has just been a time constraint, or my grumpiness about the state of the game making me prioritize thinking about it.  Regardless, I'm hoping to rectify that.

I'd like to update the Hunters and Tools page as much as possible.  A large number of blogs I have linked there haven't been active in months, if not years, and I'm sure that I'm missing tons of new (or old that I just never noticed) content creators.

If you have a favorite hunter website or streamer or youtuber or, I don't know, forum poster, let me know.

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