Four More Days Until Mass Effect: Andromeda

I haven't been this excited for a game to come out since, well probably just since Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I suppose wasn't actually that long ago.  Still, I'm super excited.  

I spent the last couple weeks quickly replaying ME:1 and ME:2, and am currently finishing up ME:3. A couple days ago I finished all of my sidequests and the leviathan DLC, so all I have left to do is the Citadel DLC (which I happen to think is the finest DLC ever created, even if it doesn't fit into the game's storyline very well), and then take the fight to cerburus and finish off the reapers.  I wanted to save these last parts for when I had some actual time to enjoy them, so I've got a nice bottle of gin and a free evening tonight to enjoy one last part with the crew of the Normandy before changing the galaxy forever (and then heading to Andromeda next tuesday).  

If there's anyone reading this who hasn't played Mass Effect before, obviously I think it's a brilliant game. I even still enjoy ME:1, which is quite dated at this point. There are a couple of mods that give you mostly HD textures, but even with those, the graphics are, well, a bit rough for modern PC gamers (kind of like going back to Duskwood to try to tame that Spirit Fox after spending nearly all of your time in the Broken Isles).  But still, the music is brilliant, and the story is great.  The combat is also a bit dated, but still worth it to have a full picture of who game's storyline.  

I've been trying to think of what might be the best ME class for those who like Hunters in WoW, and I've got to go with Infiltrator.  In ME:1 the infiltrator was kind of a hybrid class between the soldier and the engineer, but in ME:2 and ME:3, it becomes it's own unique class. The basics are, you have a cloaking mechanism that turns you almost invisible, and you fight with very high powered sniper rifles.  So if you just build up your other teammates to be fairly tanky, you can send them into battle much like Hunter Pets (well... maybe not really like hunter pets), while you stand at a distance and pop up out of cover to deliver crazy head shots.  If anyone comes nearby just cloak and move to another strategic point.  

Unlike in the other Bioware game (Dragon Age), you can't actually take control of your squadmates in Mass Effect, but you can give out commands, to have them use their powerful abilities to help you or to move to a particular spot, take cover and the like.  

Anyhow, I've been trying to read as little as possible about Mass Effect: Andromeda, as I'm really hoping to play spoiler free. I can't even really write about the things I'm most looking forward to in the game.  Just need to make it through this weekend, and hope it will be as fun as the original trilogy.

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