WoD Beta: The New Old SV and Barrage's Effects

I spent a while this evening working on the old new SV rotation which made it to the beta last night, as well as playing with the new barrage, thought I'd write up what I've noticed so far.

Here's roughly the damage my shots were doing at 660 ilvl and full buffs, and the following stats:
Agi-4314; RAP-4745; Haste-12.85%; Crit-29.92%; Mast-18.36; MS-14.83%; Versa-4.72.

Tick/HitCrit TickPer cast ave:
Explosive Shot3323.86616.814577.78
Black Arrow4077.48108.856562.50

And with Lone Wolf:

Tick/HitCrit TickPer cast ave:
Explosive Shot4470.99235.618917.54
Black Arrow5400.510602.683125.00

There are some unexplained anomalies with Barrage's numbers (could be that it's mistakenly benefiting from lone wolf, but I'm a bit too tired to put in any more time in Shattrath), but still, it's starting to sound like fun. However, it isn't exactly matching up when I play with the numbers. Looking at damage per focus, Barrage sits around 518 (or 819 if you use the LW parse), while arcane hits for only 386, though with TotH that jumps up to 1158.  If I average it out for TotH up-time (which I clocked at 44.8% over about half an hour), that gives me 732 damage per focus spent, which is considerably better than the expensive new Barrage.  

Glaives are looking to be the top choice again in WoD, at least for single target.  They're averaging around 963.5 damage per focus.  That cheap focus cost means there's never any need to think about focus, too.   And that's really what will make the difference in determining the viability of these two shots.  If Barrage was doing noticeably more damage than GT (after considering the focus cost and need for steady/cobra shots), then it'd definitely be worth dealing with the focus cost and cast time of Barrage.  As it is, a small mistake with barrage will cost you a lot of DPS (especially now that BA is so powerful), but there isn't really much to be gained, even if you can get off barrage without delaying ES or BA at all.   

Of course, these numbers will be more clear after I collect more data, and I'm sure they'll continue to adjust and tune the abilities as the beta continues, so take this all with a grain of salt; it all may be wrong, tomorrow.

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