A Farewell to Female Dwarf

From Zeherah on the FemaleDwarf.com:

It's been over 5 years since I started FemaleDwarf.com, and it's been a great experience for me. I've learned a lot from my work on the site, and I've greatly enjoyed being able to contribute to and participate in our wonderful hunter community. It's with a heavy heart that I announce I don't plan to update the site for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. I've greatly enjoyed my experience in WoW over these almost 10 years, but I'm not sure if I'll continue playing in the upcoming expansion, and I just can't make the time investment required to keep this site up to date with it.
When I started this site, hunter options for optimization and theorycrafting were a lot more limited. Simulationcraft is now a much more mature and easier to use tool. Esoth is now working on his own web based theorycraft tool at http://www.wowhuntertools.com/hunter/. Ask Mr Robot is a popular alternative option. I hope the hunter community will continue to be well served by these and any new tools that may come along in the future.
I want to thank all the people who've helped make the site a success over the years: the authors of the original hunter spreadsheets that the site was inspired by and based on, the hunter bloggers that helped get out the word about the site, the many hunter theorycrafters whose work has helped me keep the site up to date and accurate, the devs who've made a real effort in the last few years to engage the theorycrafting community and the player base at large, the volunteer translators that have helped make the site more useful to WoW players in many countries. I also must thank the many wonderful users of the site, some of whom have sent donations over the years, or have shared their stories with me of their experiences with the site, helped make suggestions for improvement or have offered to help in whatever way they could. The hunter community is full of great people that made me proud that I could do my bit to help.
- Zeherah of Stormrage
 I've spent a perhaps unreasonable amount of time using the Female Dwarf hunter web app, and will greatly miss everything Zeherah brought to the hunter community.  For anyone interested, here's an "interview" I did with Zeherah last spring.  Be sure to jump on twitter to let her know how much we've appreciated everything she's done: @Thefemaledwarf.

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  1. I too have spent countless hours on there, more than I want to admit, while playing with gear and possible changes and upgrades. I am going to miss the site. I thank Zeherah for the hard work she has put into it over the year and for being one of the people that made this community so great.

    This expansion has been horrible for the hunter community. We have lost so many great hunter sites, tools, the union, the pod cast. Hunters have lost more this expansion in out extended community than most classes ever had to begin with. :(