The Evolution of Raid

Big red button from Mim

Blizzard developer Ian "Watcher" Hazzikostas is released part one of a two part Dev's Watercooler series on the evolution of raid design in the World of Warcraft.   Part one made its way from the very beginning in vanilla up through ICC, which is where it seems the vast bulk of changes to raiding happened; there have certainly been changes since then,  but it doesn't seem the philosophy of raiding has changed as much since then.

I really liked reading about some of their ideas behind the evolution during wrath.   I think Ulduar was a lot of raiders favorite raid of all time.   It had the vehicle fight, and a lot of different options.   And, what I thought was a lot of fun, was it had more natural flow for Hard Mode.   I definitely like the separate lock outs we have now,  but the ulduar system was fun too.

Remember the big red button for Mimiron?   I had to struggle week after week after week to not push the button.   That might have been the hardest part about that fight for me, since I suffer from whatdoesthisbuttondo syndrome.

Anyhow, it's a great article if you're into raider nostalgia.   Have fun.

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