First and Last

I was going over my own logs from last weeks raids, and I noticed I had a fun achievement for Heroic Sha of Pride; being first in damage done, and last in damage taken.
  My DPS wasn't chart breaking,  that is, it certainly wasn't a ranking parse on WoL,  but out of the 25 of us, ~360k came out on top.   The reason I'm writing this, though, isn't to talk about my DPS.
While hunters should be expected to perform really well in regards to their DPS,  that's only half of it.   As the most mobile ranged class in the game, we should also be expected to have the lowest damage taken on every fight.  That means never taking avoidable damage.   On heroic Sha,  that mostly means constantly watching your feet, because the rifts are always shooting out avoidable ground effects.   It also means timing your deterrence so you can use it during swelling pride, and while closing rifts; if you've got a little luck, you should be able to deterrence then disengage over a couple rifts without taking any damage from them, or any damage from swelling pride.  With CTHC you can do this trick 4 out of 5 swelling prides.

Of course there's also some amount of luck involved, because the DoTs Sha casts on players isn't avoidable.  But for the most part,  lowest damage taken, and 10th or 12th lowest damage taken is a difference of how much avoidable damage you took.    I was in three prisons and banished once, but I did have four Gift of the Titans.

There was one area I didn't excel in,  which was rift closing.  I was just slightly above average with number of rifts closed, so I guess that's what I'll be needing to work on next time.

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