BfAz Proposal: Leveling+

Adding Some Excitement to Leveling

So, I'm having this weird conflicting excitement with the new allied races, and the potential for more allied races in the future.  I've never been a big alt-oholic, but all of the sudden I just want to have a Hunter of all of the new races. Every single one.  I have no idea what I would do with these alts, or what benefit they might give me, but for the moment, at least, I'm excited about them.  

However, the primary fun of leveling a hunter has always been how OP we are at leveling, and trying to take on mobs that were designed for groups, or areas that you aren't a high enough level for.  With the new leveling system, that just doesn't exist. I was lamenting this fact over in Fiannor's blog's comment section, and it occurred to me that there could be an incredibly easy way to fix this, and breathe a little bit of new life into leveling.  


My idea is we take the basic concept of the mythic+ system, with everything getting slightly harder at each additional +level, and adding it to the leveling system.  Just let anyone who has a max level character, have the option of choosing to create a new character in the leveling+ system, so instead of everything scaling to my current level, everything scales to my level+1, or +2, etc.  

Add a few achievements or cosmetic rewards for leveling from 20 up to max level (since most of the excitement about leveling is for allied races, and I suspect we're going to be seeing a lot more allied races in the future. You could use the same system with the old races, though it wouldn't work for DKs or Demon Hunters, but it wouldn't go into affect until level 20, as we'd probably be too squishy at the earliest levels anyway). There wouldn't need to be big rewards, either, something similar to the honor prestige rewards would be perfect.  The goal would just be to add a little bit more challenge, and a little bit of motivation.  

There is of course the problem of each class having very different power levels when it comes to leveling. If playing a prot pally, for example, you probably wouldn't even notice a difference until +5 or +10 levels, other than maybe it taking slightly longer to kill everything.  In the end, I imagine only Hunters, warlocks and tanks would really bother with the higher +levels, but really, it should take such a small amount of development time that who cares?  It'll be fun for those that can do it, and for those who don't want to play those classes, they won't really be missing out on anything.  Perhaps any rewards like a mount would only be re-skins, instead of really unique rewards, just to appease people who exclusively play weaker support classes.  

Anyhow, that's my idea. Who do I need to talk to to make this happen?


  1. So kind of like Diablo where you can toggle playing on Normal, Hard, etc.?

    1. Yes! Though not quite as extreme. Though maybe there could be a version like hardcore where you're not allowed to rez, and after your first death it's game over.

      And now that you mention it, I would like an achievement for leveling to max without taking any damage. Everything must be done with expert pet tanking and kiting, and you're not even allowed to jump off cliffs until you get disengage to negate fall damage.

      Speaking of other games, in the last DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition, they implemented something called Trials, to make your subsequent play-throughs more interesting. Iirc, one of them made the bears super powerful, and one of them made healing potions not work. I think there was one that made random enemies have special boss-like abilities. It would be difficult to implement something like that, but maybe on a smaller level.

      Putting in something like those would be lots of fun in concert with the new allied races.

    2. I can see it -- I could even get behind having "seasons" like Diablo -- in that you can roll a toon specifically with certain season goals, but be able to convert to regular at end of season. Maybe "Classic" season - take a toon from 1-60, no heirlooms, "burning crusade" season -- do the for XX dungeons, etc.

  2. for some reason the word "attunements" got deleted in that last phrase! (do the attunements for XX dungeons)...