The Con Crud and Hiking Pictures

I'm currently alternating between drinking nyquil, drinking coffee to deal with the effects of the nyquil, and watching the BfA cinematic over and over and over. 

I still don't get how there can be people who don't love Sylvanas.  She's so amazing.  Look at that Banshee smile... Though, I suppose I've always been partial to her type of character. When I was a little kid,every year at christmas time, when the family would gather around to watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, I'd hope and pray that finally, this year, he'll finally stop christmas from coming; only to have my heart broken again and again when those damn Whos ruin everything.

Going Back to Hating Legos in Antorus

I was discussing with one of my Hunter buddies at Blizzcon that the legendaries from legion aren't actually all that bad, so long as you have all of them, and you have all 6 of your set pieces so you have room to swap things around.  I got fairly lucky with my coins this tier for set pieces, and we do our Mythic progression quite slowly anyway, so there's always plenty of time to experiment, and I was enjoying trying out various different legos.  Especially with something like MK2 gloves, where if you plan your movement perfectly, they shouldn't be any increase in DPS at all, so it was fun to see when I could swap them out for a higher stat budgeted lego and just make up for the movement losses through play. 

Anyhow, the point of that is, I'm not looking forward to being stuck into particular legendaries because of what set pieces I have, again.  I suppose in the long run it doesn't matter too much, it's only a week or two of not having choices while trying to farm up the new gear.  But it's still frustrating to go back.  I guess that's ultimately the problem with a system that is essentially a small talent tree that's connected to your gear.  

Random Pictures from my Trip

I didn't really have much to blog about today, just wanted an excuse to post some pictures from my trip to blizzcon.  

Our Blizzcon house came with a tequilime tree.  Quite convenient.

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