Roadtrip to Blizzcon

With a handful of extra un-used vacation days this year, I decided to take a roadtrip to Blizzcon, rather than flying.  I'm currently planning on leave this coming Friday, and meandering through Colorado and southern Utah, doing some camping and hiking along my route to the con.

Major stops should include: Arches National Park, Capitol Reef, and Zion National Park. Also going to crash with some old friends in Denver one night.

Upon arriving at the con, one of my guilds is doing our normal house rental bit.  This year we got a couple of houses about a mile's walk from the con center (actually only like, a third of a mile to the edge of the con center, but over a mile to get to the front door where we can get in).  I'm not very excited about the houses, but one plus is this year we've got a pool and a hot tub in one of the houses.  So if anyone is looking to do some relaxing after a long day on your feet at the con, hit me up. Solar even said he'd lifeguard for us.

Blizzcon Predictions

  • New expansion announced - 99%
    • New Expansion includes crowd-pleasers like playable Naga - 90% (naga specific - 30%)
    • New race's starting zone's will be playable at Blizzcon - 50%
    • Jaina Proudmoore for days - 90%
      • I'll get to meet Laura Bailey (voice actress for JP) and we'll be best friends by the end of the week - 2% 
    • Tinkerers will not be a new class.
    • The new Garrison/Class Hall feature will be guild-centric
  • Hearthstone will announce a new expansion set of cards and I won't care at all - 90%
  • Despite not playing the game at all, Hearthstone will continue to be the most interesting e-sports event to watch live at blizzcon.
  • A new FPS based on the starcraft IP will be announced - 40%
  • Overwatch League will dominate the e-sports announcements, despite Starcraft continuing to draw the biggest crowds.  
  • New hero in Overwatch -70%
  • I'll forget that Diablo is a Blizzard game, and won't be reminded of it at all at Blizzcon - 65%

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