Survival and Marksmanship Progression Talents and Legendaries

I went through the logs and wrote down the talent and legendary usage for the top 25 parses out of the first 200 hunters of each spec to complete each heroic boss.  Mostly was just doing this to have a little guide for myself, but I figured I'd post it up here, just in case anyone is interested.

Survival Talents:

Survival Legendaries:

Survival Notes:

  • Way of the Mok'Nathal has the highest damage potential in the level 15 tier. However, it also has a high skill cap, and shouldn't be taken on progression if doing so will cause you to make mechanical mistakes, or will just occupy too much of your attention. If you feel completely comfortable with it, it can be used to great success on any of the fights in Tomb of Sargeras.
  • Regardless of the fight, about 15-20% of top parsing hunters take A Murder of Crows, and about 80-85% take Snake Hunter, this may be primarily a matter of preference. It's possible we might see more uses of Mortal Wounds later on when more people have the tier 20 set bonus, but for now, it's not really being used by top performing hunters.
  • Dragonsfire Grenade is starting to see some use, perhaps due to the buff it got for patch 7.2.5; however, it's still used much, much less than the other two level 90 talents. For the vast majority of SV hunters, the decision on this tier is one of Serpent Sting for single-target/priority-target, or Butchery for burst AoE.
  • In the level 100 tier, we saw only a couple of fights where there was any swapping away from Spitting Cobra. In the two exceptions, Mistress Sassz'ine and The Desolate Host, we saw top parsing SV Hunters taking Expert Trapper at a rate of 52% and 48%, respectively. It's also worth noting here that while Caltrops was sometimes taken without Expert Trapper, Expert Trapper was never taken without Caltrops.
  • For other specs, we see Soul of the Huntmaster being swapped in and out depending on various talents taken. For SV hunters, this doesn't seem to be the case at all, and we only rarely saw top performing SV hunters wearing Soul of the Huntmaster.
  • For the most part, Survival Hunters have a lot possible variations in both talent builds and Legendary usage.
  • Outside of Call of the Wild, which 81%-96% of top performing SV Hunters used on every single fight, there's no clear cut, obvious rule for which legendary goes in which situation.
  • Sephuz's Secret was used a lot for single target fights, though never in more than 56% of top parses on any given single target fight.
  • Similarly, Butcher's Bone Apron was used a lot for multi-target fights (when Butchery is choosen), but again, on AoE fights it still was only taken about 60% of the time.
  • Although Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish sims well, on AoE fights especially, it never saw greater than 20% usage in top progression parses.

Marksmanship Talents 

Marksmanship Legendaries

Marksmanship Notes:

  • There's very, very little variation in how Marksmanship Hunters are played.  In part, that is probably due to the spec being played by a lot more people, so there's a larger sample size to pull from, getting rid of anomaly cases where someone had a substandard build but got really good RNG.  It's also at least partially due to having one main theorycrafter for the spec that most everyone who plays it follows, Azortharion.
  • It seems we've basically got two talent builds: one for single target and one for AoE, with the only variation to those two coming from the occasional use of Explosive Shot
  • The Legos have a little bit of variation on some fights.  We can pretty much break them down into 3 builds:
    • Boots plus Belt - This is the go-to build for priority target damage on an fight with AoE, and represents the only time we saw 100% of the top 25 using the exact same legos on a boss. 
    • Boots plus new Ring - It's kind of cool to see a place for Soul of the Huntmaster.  I like the idea of having Serpent Sting for that extra priority target damage, and LnL for random burst, a little bit of movement and some fast target swapping.  
    • Boots plus Hands - This is a popular ST build based around getting that extra movement. This should be a really solid choice on mostly single target fights with a lot of movement, especially early in the new raid-tier when we're all trying to learn the fights. 
I'm also curious to see what happens when we move into mythic.  It looks like thus far, MM and BM and fairly neck and neck.  I didn't get a lot of chance to play with the new MM set bonuses on the PTR, so I'm mostly guessing as to how they'll affect our builds going into mythic, but it does look, so far, like MM will be pulling ahead a bit with the new set bonuses and higher gear levels.  And hopefully we'll find a place for SV, though it's looking to be a fairly mediocre tier for Survival.

Added Fallen Avatar for SV, and Kil'Jaeden for MM, still waiting to get enough logs of SV on Kil'Jaeden to have a meaningful number. 

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