End of the Expansion PvP

As hunters are losing my favorite spec in Legion, I've been looking for any excuse I can find to play survival before it's gone. Since Blizzard decided to nerf it to the ground in 6.2 (ensuring few people would be playing it when they removed it), the only real option for SV play right now is in PvP, where it's high utility can make up for the lack of damage.

Anyhow, for anyone else who's interested, PvP gear is incredibly easy to come by; build yourself a gladiator's sanctum, and spend just a little bit of time finding an Ashran group, and you'll easily be in all 730 gear within a week. Getting the last 10 ilvls from Conquest gear is very quick now, too, as you get some crazy amounts of conquest from doing Ashran and even random battlegrounds.

However, he fun part (for me at least) comes in arenas with the complexities of learning not only your own comp, but how to best counter other comps.  Dilly the Hunter has started to make some videos specifically to get people started thinking about how to play against some of the more powerful comps out there.

I'll try to update this page as he puts out more videos (or better yet, subscribe to his youtube channel), right now you can check out the videos on dealing with God Comp (Mage/SPriest/RDruid) from a survival hunter's perspective:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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