Survival AoE Part 2: Thrill of the Hunt

World of Warcraft Hunter Multi-Shot AoE

After my Survival AoE post last friday, several people pointed out that I had neglected to include the rotational changes that happen with Thrill of the Hunt procs.  Instead of making that already long post even longer, I thought I'd just add in this extra bit here.  For those interested, the previous post can be found here.  For anyone interested, I'm currently working on my next Thrill of the Spreadsheet which is going to look at the details of rotational change when you have Multistrike proc's.

If we readjust the applicable lines in our spreadsheet, we get section which look like the following:

AbilityTick/HitCritAvg./castFocus Cast TimeDam/CTDam/Focus
Serpent Sting5028.810173.77604.4
Multishot (st)2079.54074.22981.42012981.4149.07
MS+SS (st)7108.314247.910585.820110585.8529.29
MS+SS (2t)14216.628495.821171.620121171.61058.58
MS+SS (3t)21324.942743.731757.420131757.41587.87
MS+SS (4t)28433.256991.642343.220142343.22117.16
MS+SS (5t)35541.571239.552929.0201529292646.45
MS+SS (6t)42649.885487.463514.820163514.83175.74
MS+SS (7t)49758.199735.374100.620174100.63705.03
MS+SS (8t)56866.4113983.284686.420184686.44234.32

Arcane Shot

Our Arcane Shot is still going to be used to apply Serpent Sting, and to dump focus up until 3 targets. 

AbilityTick/HitCritAvg./castFocus Cast TimeDam/CTDam/Focus
Arcane Shot9481.819146.115306.210115306.21530.6
Arcane+SS tick14510.629319.822910.610122910.62291.1
Arcane+SS Full34625.870014.653328.210153328.25332.8


The next big change I'll mention is TotH's effect on the priority of Barrage. For convenience, the efficiency of Barrage looks like:

AbilityTick/HitCritAvg./castFocus Cast TimeDam/CTDam/Focus
Barrage (st)2687.55610.147971.4602.8316951.0799.5
Barrage (2t)4031.38415.271957.1602.8325426.61199.3
Barrage (3t)5375.011220.295942.9602.8333902.11599.0
Barrage (4t)6718.814025.3119928.6602.8342377.61998.8
Barrage (5t)8062.516830.3143914.3602.8350853.12398.6
Barrage (6t)9406.319635.4167900.0602.8359328.62798.3
Barrage (7t)10750.022440.4191885.7602.8367804.13198.1
Barrage (8t)12093.825245.5215871.4602.8376279.73597.9

As you can see, due to the high cost of Barrage, MS is now the more efficient shot at every number of targets; so we'll want to use up our TotH charges before casting Barrage.  It's worth mentioning that there are situations where you can hit a larger number of targets with Barrage than with Multi-Shot. If you can get even one additional target with Barrage, it goes back to being a more efficient ability than Multi-Shot.  

Other Abilities

AbilityTick/HitCritAvg./castFocus Cast TimeDam/CTDam/Focus
Black Arrow5246.510692.770666.735170666.72019.0
Explosive Shot3812.67806.122736.715122736.71515.8
A Murder of Crows4599.69469.8109200.0301109200.03640.0

The other changes we'll encounter are fairly minor, but tend to make our rotations a bit complicated. For Explosive Shot, We'll now see it overtaken by Multi-Shot at only 3 targets.  That is to say, if your Multi-Shot will hit 3 or more targets and TotH is proc'ed (but LnL is not proc'ed), then Multi-Shot we'll want to use Multi-Shot.  

Black Arrow will remain a higher priority than Multi-Shot (while TotH is proc'ed) up until 4 targets, at which point we'll just want to spam the TotH Multi-Shot until we're out of TotH charges.  And lastly, we'll continue to use a Murder of Crows up until 7 targets.

It's important to clarify here that we're not talking about removing Black Arrow, Explosive Shot or a Murder of Crows from our rotations.  They will remain a part of our rotation, we'll just be using Multi-Shot (when we have the number of targets described above) until we have used up all of our TotH charges. When TotH isn't proc'ed, we'll continue to use our typical priority rotation, as described in the post linked above.  

Explosive Trap will be the only ability we'll continue to use on CD, regardless of whether or not TotH is proc'ed.  The only exception to this would be if the timer on TotH was about to run out, at which point you could delay Explosive Trap by a few GCDs to use up the rest of your TotH charges.  This should rarely be an issue if you're following the rest of your priorities correctly, though. 


  1. Hi, I have 2 questions:

    1. It was my understanding that you were comparing Dam/CT/Foc of the different abilities and in the 2 target MS vs AS, Arcane Shot has higher values with or without Thrill of the Hunt, yet you recommend different uses. Am I missing something here?

    2. I cant follow the Dam/CT/Foc calculations of Barrage, since you give a Value that seems to be calculated at a Barrage Cost of 20 Focus insted of the 60 that it actually costs.

    1. So, as for Barrage, you're observations are correct, I need to change the header. In all cases there, what I'm actually using is (Damage/CT)/(Focus/CT), which is to say, Damage/Focus. Barrage being the only channeled or cast ability, it's the only one where that's different than Damage/CT/Focus. The reasoning behind that is, representing barrage as D/CT/F gives you the same efficiency as if you had cast a 1 GCD ability that cost 60 focus, but only did a third the damage (or 1/2.83 the damage). I didn't notice this problem with the metric until I started adding barrage to this spreadsheet, and saw I couldn't verify my results with SimC, but I suppose I never explained that, or even changed the headers.

      As for arcane, you're totally right. I'll change that right now. I took a break from working on my Multistrike procs article to write this as an addendum to last friday's article, and I must have been looking at the multistrike spreasheet when I wrote that... It is, indeed, obvious from the numbers right above, that arcane remains more efficient.. :-P

      Thanks for the help!